Congratulations to Heart of a Toastmaster – 2014 “Best Anthology” from the International Book Awards!

The publication released at the Toastmasters International Annual Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, with author Sheryl Roush, presenting a showcase of published Contributors on stage during her opening presentation.

The book features 133 Contributors from around the globe, sharing their personal stories of facing the fears of public speaking, overcoming adversities, living and dream, using their skills to serve their communities …. and much more!

Download “Homer” a tribute to Helen Blanchard, the first story in the book here.


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Featured on Montel Across America, endorsed by Montel Williams

WINNER: 2009 Best Spiritual/ Inspirational book from the San Diego Book & Writers Association.

Heart of a Military Woman is a keepsake collection of true stories, touching tributes and emotive poems, celebrating our active and retired service members. Historic, nostalgic and some quite recent, these are written by military members, their families and loved ones, sharing sentiments and pride as only they can. Real stories by real people about real life.

Present this book as a token of gratitude to those military personnel and their families for preserving our freedoms and liberties. A walk down Memory Lane for cherished Veterans. Stories for families of those serving, missing their loved ones, lost their loved ones. 
Hear the interview with Sheryl Roush on Montel Across America.

Read some excerpts from Heart of a Military Woman….
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The books offer heart warming and inspiring short stories, tributes, cherished proverbs and quotations, and original poems.

Heart of a Mother Book by Sheryl RoushHeart of a Mother makes a perfect gift for mom, grandmothermother’s birthday to Mother’s Day, new mother, mother-in-law, step-mom, adopted mom, or even an extra-special anniversary present.

Read some excerpts from Heart of a Mother….
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Heart of a Woman Book by Sheryl RoushHeart of a Woman makes a great gift ANYTIME of the year, any occasion, and “just because” present. Get a personally autographed copy for your co-worker, boss, colleague, friend, wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin, twin, graduate, high school and college graduate, and makes a unique bridesmaid gift, as well.

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Heart of a Woman in Business:
Stories, Strategies and Skills for Success

In conversational tone, this book is loaded with all original stories, poems and quotations, for encouragement, igniting the spark, feeling the passion for today’s woman in the workplace. Ideal for gifts for bosses, coworkers, new business owners, those who want to start their own business. Experts, coaches, speakers, trainers, retirees, all share their top tips, secrets and advice. Loaded with masterful writing from over 80 contributors, the book is 288 pages, for $16.95.
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Corazón de Mujer is the newly released Heart of a Woman eloquently translated into Spanish. Original Latino stories and magnificently written poems make this gift a treasure.

Unique to this publication are the cultural proverbs in each section, “Proverbios y refranes” celebrating Latino and Hispanic traditions.

Pensamientos brillantes y de inspiración sobre la fortaleza y sabiduría en las mujeres. Bienvenidos a Corazón de mujer, celebrando a las mujeres de todas las edades. En la actualidad somos realmente una familia global, y no hay mejor tiempo que el presente para extender la mano a nuestra apasionada familia de latinos. Aquí tienen mi primer libro que espero se convierta en una colección apreciada por décadas. Las historias y poemas latinos fueron seleccionados cuidadosamente y toda la publicación se tradujo con mucho amor y esmero. Celebremos una historia y tradiciones increíbles con una cultura llena de amor. ¡Los latinos tienen mucho que compartir! Espero que las historias contenidas en estas páginas te toquen el corazón, te hagan reír, renueven tu fe y hagan eco en tu alma.

De mi corazón a tu corazón,
Sheryl Roush, Autora, Corazón de Mujer 

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Heart of the Holidays is the perfect holiday book for under the Christmas tree, at Hanukkah, or gift exchanges.

Original stories, poems and quotations celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Yuletide Around the Globe, Military Away from Home, Boxing Day, and Ringing in the New Years. Treasures and Traditions…. Get a copy for each of your cherished loved ones!

Read some excerpts….
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Available on Kindle.


Heart of the Holidays
is a charming and uplifting collection of recollections, poems, and quotations about the holiday season.
The book itself has six chapters: “Thanksgiving,” “Christmas,” “Yuletide Around the Globe,” “Hanukkah,” “Winter Solstice,” and “Ringing In the New Year.” The majority of essays, poems, and quotes come from American women, but there are thoughts and ideas from men and women from around the world, several different cultures, and various faiths. Some of the stories about the holidays are fairly commonly-shared experiences while others are deeply personal. Some are funny and some are heartwarming, but all were selected to share and uplift the true spirit of these various holidays and celebrations. A few writers shared interesting traditions from their own families that could prove meaningful to others. I especially liked one parent’s suggestion that before any gifts can be opened on Christmas, the recipient is required to express something he or she is grateful for. Sometimes these kinds of books can be a bit too sugarcoated, but I really enjoyed this one, and it got me thinking about the memorable Christmases of my own life. The accompanying CD contains eight selections: two of Laurie Z.’s originals, two Hanukkah songs that Laurie arranged, her arrangements of “What Child Is This?” “Carol of the Bells,” a medley of “Deck the Halls” and “Angels We Have Heard On High,” and Jack Palance’s smile-making reading of “The Night Before Christmas.”
Kathy Parsons,, 11/12/08

Sheryl Roush, creator of the Heart Book Series, is a female motivational speaker, specializing in communication skills (in print, in public, online and in person). She presents keynotes and sessions at conferences, association meetings, retreats and special events. Sheryl is the CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., see more information at

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Corazon de Mujer
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