08 08 08 – A Day of Prosperity

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08 08 08-A Day of Prosperity

Today is a most unusual day. if you embrace the Gregorian calendar, like we do in the Western World.  Today is the 8th of August, 2008.  We indicated it with 8/8/8 and the multiple 8s mean some interesting things to many people.

The number EIGHT. In many cultures celebrated as a symbol of  "infinity."

For the Chinese, the number 8 holds a special significance.  They believe that it means good fortune coming or prosperity.  In Hong Kong some who would pay extra to have the number 8 on their license plates, and telephone numbers.  They believe in luck in China — a lot.  So, today is a particularly “lucky” day for many Chinese.

The Number Eight

The word for "eight" in Mandarin sounds similar to the word which means "prosper" or "wealth" In regional dialects the words for "eight" and "fortune" are also similar. There is also a resemblance between two digits, "88", and the shuang xi (‘double joy’), a popular decorative design composed of two stylized characters ? (xi, ‘joy’, ‘happiness’).

The Summer Olympics in Beijing open on 8/8/08 at 8:08:08pm.
Of course today also marks the beginning of the Olympic Games, which was carefully selected for these reasons, and just following a full eclipse of the sun a couple of days ago over Russia and China. It is no mere coincidence that the Chinese chose to start the Olympics in Beijing today – and at exactly 8.08pm. The date and time were specially picked in a bid to bring them luck.

Chinese tradition aside, numerologists say eight is known as the ‘great balancer’ or the karmic ‘you reap what you sow.’

A quick glance back at what has happened on previous August 8s may partly back up the notion it is a lucky date. Famous people born on 8/08 include the Duke of York’s daughter Princess Beatrice (and in 1988 too), tennis champion Roger Federer (1981) and former Grand Prix ace Nigel Mansell (1954).

A Time of Reflection toward the Future
Whether you believe in it’s luck or not, one has to stop and think what a powerful day it really is in the way that it has brought so many people together in this time of reflection and continued progress toward prosperity and abundance of everyday life.

Create an abundance day today.  Wherever you are.  Share that love, laughter and joy with others.  Yes, go out and create monetary abundance for yourself and others.  After all, the free market is all about abundance and helping people everywhere to increase their living (see Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations).

May today be a special day for you and bring you lots of happiness, success and much prosperity. 
May you have continued prosperity and abundance however, that would apply to you now.


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