VIDEO: Heart of An Athlete–Spirit and Sports

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Heart of An Athlete: Spirit and Sports

Every athlete needs to see THIS clip, from ESPN Sports.

We think of sporting events as ending with one team winning and the other team losing. You may come to a different conclusion when you watch this 5-minute video of an incident that occurred during a women’s championship softball game between Western Oregon University and Central Washington University.

"Touching Them All"

Character and Conduct

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Character and Conduct

Conduct is what we do; character is what we are.

Conduct is the outward life;
character is the life unseen, hidden within, yet evidenced by that which is seen.

Conduct is external, seen from without;
character is internal–operating within.

Character is the state of the heart;
conduct is its outward expression.

Character is the root of the tree;
conduct is the fruit it bears.

– E.M. Bounds

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