Christmas Story: 365 Days of Sparkle

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Christmas Story: 365 Days of Sparkle

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Believing strongly that the true essence of Christmas is not only on ONE day every year, my white spiral lighted Christmas is up all year long, in my TV room, donned with cherished ornaments of great sentimental value from my travels and dearest of friends. Christmas lives on for me – every day! Whenever I pass by it, any day of the year, I remember that friend and the heartfelt love we share. And yes, having the tree up all year through DOES let the cat play with the lower ornaments for more than the typically designated two week period… so he’s a happy kitty, too! 

Loving the SPARKLE, I also keep up metallic garlands of different colors around the house all year long. It brings joy to my heart. At Thanksgiving the garland is gold, orange, olive green with beautifully color-coordinated Fall leaves. Then there’s purple and bright yellow for Easter. And silver and gold stars through the year.

One of my friends asked me once, “Do you think that you can ever have too much Sparkle?”  “I don’t think so!”  I think the WORLD could use more sparkle – what better way to see hope, joy, optimism, feel good about yourself even in dull times…

~Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author,
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