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Father’s Day

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Sunday, June 15th in the US is recognized as Father’s Day.  

While everyday should be a special day for the people we love, this day is set aside to love, honor and appreciate Father’s.  

If you are fortunate enough for your Father to still be living…make him feel very special.   

If you have lost your father for whatever reason, you can still love, honor and remember the legacy he left for you.  

If you are a Father, recognize the immense  role you play in the lives of your of children as they grow to be  adults, when they might possibly assume the Fatherhood role.  

If you have no Father, link yourself to a father-like figure and honor him or yet connect yourself to a child who has no Father because of death or absences, such as those children who’s Father is fighting in foreign countries for our freedoms.  

However–and with whomever–you celebrate this day especially set aside for Fathers, make it special for you and for them.  

– Dr. Zonnya, "The First Lady of Motivation"

Father’s Day Tributes

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Father’s Day Tributes

The older and wiser I get, the more I cherish each day
and the closeness of our family.
Your caring built this family and our unique ties.

Your humor in tough times relieved the stress.

Your love for the outdoors, brought us all outside with you,
sharing your love for nature.

Your talent for gardening and giving of the fruits of your labor is inspiring.
Who you are, who you have become over the years, is endearing.
Not even time nor distance can take that love away.
-Sheryl Roush, June 16, 2008



Father’s Day Movie Greeting Card

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Father’s Day Movie Greeting Card

This touching tribute to fathers is created by Heart of the Holidays book contributor, Terri Marie Whitewing, of White Wing Entertainment.

Thank You Fathers

She invites you to pass this along as an electronic greeting card.

From my heart to yours,
Sheryl Roush

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