Heart of a Mother by Sheryl Roush
Want to show your mother that you truly appreciate her?

Heart of a Mother makes a perfect gift for mom: from mother’s birthday to Mother’s Day, as an extra anniversary present, or any day a special thank you is in order.


Ideal for your Mother, Wife, Grandmother,
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Heart of a Mother
.. is a gift book filled with touching tributes to Mothers and Grandmothers, inspirational short stories, poems, proverbs and quotations.

As a child, my Aunt Della was like a mother to me who nourished me with her chocolate chip cookies. I remember the warm feelings when I smelled a batch of her fresh baked cookies. In Heart of A Mother, Sheryl Roush and her contributors have captured those same kinds of feelings, feelings that will warm your heart and bring your mother close again. It’s a great read.  

– Wally Amos, The Cookie Man & Author

Heart of a Mother is an exquisite tapestry of stories, quotations, songs, and poems that will pull on your heartstrings. A must read and an incredible gift for all the mothers of the world!!!
– Lisa R. Delman, Author of Dear Mom, I’ve Always Wanted You to Know

Book review by Shannan Powell, From Cribs to Car Keys

Heart of a Mother, written by Sheryl Roush, is a wonderful compilation of stories and inspiration for and about mothers and grandmothers. I have not yet had the opportunity to read the entire book, but what I have read is beautifully written, heartwarming, and enjoyable. Some of the excerpts I read brought back wonderful memories of my mother, whose loss I am struggling with this Mother’s Day.

One of the stories that I identified the most with was “Family Circus Christmas,” a tale of a mother trying to be June Cleaver and ending up a bit more like something from a comic strip. I have been there so many times, myself. Wanting life to be just so and feeling as if I had failed, when everyone around me was just as happy as could be with my efforts.

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Mothers Day, Grandmothers, Daughters, Sons, Adoption and Foster Children, Mothers of Military, Four-legged Children, Pregnancy, Babies, When Your Mother Passes, Being a Mother….


5.0 out of 5 starsSheryl has done it again! In this book, she combines her own prose with contributions of mothers from around the Globe. Her style in editing creates a warmth and flow that elicits chuckles, sighs and tears at all the right times. Having purchased Sheryl’s works before, this was a “must have” on my list. In my opinion it’s better than “Chicken Soup” for my soul!
– Effie Neesehorning


5.0 out of 5 starsFilled with wisdom, inspiration, love and tenderness, Heart of a Mother is a book that will have you laughing, crying and appreciating, while recognizing the importance of mothers. It’s a perfect gift for mothers of all ages, including mothers-to-be! Just a wonderful tribute to the women who put their heart and soul into being a mom. Sheryl’s heart series just keeps on delivering the goods!
-Linda Salazar

Table of Contents

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    Heart of the Mother – 10 Ways to Open Your Heart
    Heart of the Mother – A Mother’s Love Poem
    Heart of the Mother – Family Circus
    Heart of the Mother – Heart of a Marines Mother

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