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Valentine’s Movie: Great Love

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Valentine’s Movie: Great Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This short movie is created by Terri Marie, White Wing Entertainment, one of the contributors to my Heart Book Series of inspirational gift books.

Valentine’s Movie: Great Love

A touching Valentine’s Day Movie appropriate to send to anyone.
The experience of Great Love – a powerful and joyful way to experience life.
The most amazing power we all have is free.

The Christmas Movie Card

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The Christmas Movie Card

Terri Marie Whitewing created this special three-minute "Christmas Movie Card" complete with her own music playing in the background to touching photos and statements.

The message within the movie is meant to warm the heart.

The Story Behind the Card
Because of all the moving I’ve done the past several years (5 moves in 5 years)  I just didn’t feel like decorating much for the holidays if it meant looking at one more box. One day the message on the song for the movie came through loud and clear. "Christmas is something you carry in your heart. It’s always here when you feel it."
As a reminder when we get stressed out over the holiday Preparations, Decorations, and other such ‘rations, just remember… the Christmas Spirit comes in quietly – softly entering any moment of pure love.
Here is a gift of love to you for every holy day that you live.
Let’s spread the Christmas Spirit around the world.

It’s always Christmas inside a warm heart.
Copyright 2008 White Wing Entertainment

Terri Marie Whitewing is a contributor to the "Heart of the Holidays" book by Sheryl Roush, with her story and poem, "A New Christmas Song? There’s a Reindeer in My Gate" based on a true story.

MOVIE PREMIER: Stargate Continuum

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MOVIE PREMIER: Stargate Continuum

I had the privilege of seeing Stargate CONTINUUM movie premiere on the flight deck of the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum Thursday night… seated in the 300-person audience with the cast, producer and director.


In conjunction with San Diego’s annual Comic-Con, the event opened with Red Carpet media interviews amidst the aircraft on deck. Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) and Ben Browder commented the felt right at home. TV Guide and Sci-Fi Channel reporters and numerous others were present. (Red Carpet photo: Richard Dean Anderson with Martin Wood.)

CONTINUUM cast present also included Amanda Tapping (now a stunning brunette for her role in SANCTUARY series release on Sci-Fi October 3rd), Michael Shanks and talented wife Lexa Doig (“Dr. Lam” and “Rommie” on Andromeda), Cliff Simon and wife Collette, Beau Bridges with wife and daughter, Christopher Judge (with full, long hair), and SG:1/Atlantis’ Doctor Jewel Staite gorgeous as ever in a short dress and heels), and Robert Picardo, dashing in his leather beret. We missed Claudia Black who was not present. And more so, recently deceased and adored by fans Don S. Davis, who cameos in the movie.

Director and Producer Martin Wood and Brad Wright were present for the special engagement.

Friday at Comic-Con, the stars signed free CONTINUUM posters at the Stargate Worlds’ gaming booth, complete with stunning Stargate exhibit. Photo shows Sheryl Roush with Dan Elggren, Studio Head of Stargate Worlds ( They also showed in force for a Stargate Panel…. with Ben Browder walking out on stage an kissing Michael Shanks on the lips. Although Chris behaved himself, Michael Shanks was ready to drop his drawers…. (had to be there….)

Stargate Atlantis had its own Panel on Friday, with Jewel Stait, Robert Picardo and Joe Flanigan, with lively dialogue and asnwering questions from fans.

Also invited to attend the VIP Party in the Hangar Bay following the premier, I had great conversations with the stars.

The movie is available Tuesday on DVD on BluRay.

Ben Browder being interviewed by TV Guide.






MOVIE: MAMMA MIA! A must see!

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A must see!

Last night, I took my dear closest girlfriends out to see MAMMA MIA! starring Meryl Streep. I figured it would be fun, since it’s posted as a Romantic Comedy Musical… It was FUN-tastic! We were laughing so hard at times we were crying! My ribs ached!

Great sound track – set to ABBA’s great music. Timeless songs such as Dancing Queen, I Have a Dream, Voulez-Vous, and Take a Chance on Me, are ingeniously woven into an enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings 3 men from her mother’s past back to the Greek island paradise they last visited 20 years ago.

The scenery spectacular and the story was delightful. Since it takes place on a Greek isle, we walked over for gyros afterward. I slept so well last night, and was laughing in my dreams!

There were times the audience broke out in spontaneous applause celebrating the power and strength of women! And talk about the women… in the audience… of all ages… loving this show!  I think we forgot it was only a movie… It was more like we got caught-up in it – as part of the sisterhood.

Pierce Brosnan even has a singing debut! Handsome as ever. And a stretch in character for  “James Bond.”

SEE the movie trailer here:

-Sheryl Roush

MUSIC VIDEO: Take Me Back To The Fifties

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MUSIC VIDEO: Take Me Back To The Fifties

This  is a nostalgic MUST for those who grew up in the 50’s!!!

Comic Books, James Dean at the Drive-in Movies, the furnishings, 45s and LPs on the Hi-Fi, B&W TV sets, favorite TV Shows, 3D movies, Nehi soda, Bazooka bubble gum, A&W Drive-Ins, milk bottle deliveries, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Ant Farms, Sock Hops, 57 Chevy cars, Burma-Shave billboard signs, Dairy Queen, Elvis and Rock n’ Roll, Buddy Holley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson…

Here’s a cute video that reviews memories of the fifties.
Just sit back  it runs itself. Turn on the sound. Enjoy.
Take Me Back To The Fifties


Father’s Day Movie Greeting Card

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Father’s Day Movie Greeting Card

This touching tribute to fathers is created by Heart of the Holidays book contributor, Terri Marie Whitewing, of White Wing Entertainment.

Thank You Fathers

She invites you to pass this along as an electronic greeting card.

From my heart to yours,
Sheryl Roush

Christmas Season Movie

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Christmas Season Movie

Christmas Season is here.
Childhood memories, wishes, hopes and dreams.
Believing in the miracle and the joy of Christmas.
Giving way to our desires and wishes that our dreams will be.

Mary Robinson Reynolds wrote this movie because for many people, including herself, our first awareness of a connection with something greater than ourselves – the magic, and the miraculous – came through the legend of Saint Nicholas. Dream your dreams … go ahead, rediscover how to get in touch with your heart’s truest desires once again, because the New Year will soon be calling you into action. What you want, wants you! Regardless of what has occurred in your life this past year, the Spirit of the season beckons you to continue forward with the dreams that are trying to be dreamed through you. Some dreams are as simple as those we dreamed of in childhood. Some dreams are bigger than we "of ourselves" can accomplish.

This is the magic of Christmas …Connect with the Spirit of the season…Dream Big!
A sweet movie reminding us of wishes past:

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