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MUSIC VIDEO: Take Me Back To The Fifties

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MUSIC VIDEO: Take Me Back To The Fifties

This  is a nostalgic MUST for those who grew up in the 50’s!!!

Comic Books, James Dean at the Drive-in Movies, the furnishings, 45s and LPs on the Hi-Fi, B&W TV sets, favorite TV Shows, 3D movies, Nehi soda, Bazooka bubble gum, A&W Drive-Ins, milk bottle deliveries, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Ant Farms, Sock Hops, 57 Chevy cars, Burma-Shave billboard signs, Dairy Queen, Elvis and Rock n’ Roll, Buddy Holley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson…

Here’s a cute video that reviews memories of the fifties.
Just sit back  it runs itself. Turn on the sound. Enjoy.
Take Me Back To The Fifties


God Bless America

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God Bless America
Song Lyrics by Irving Berlin

God Bless America.
Land that I love
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America
My home sweet home.

God Bless America,
Land that I love
Stand beside her,
And guide her,
Through the night
With the light from above,

From the mountains,
To the prairies,
To the ocean,
White with foam,

God bless America,
My home sweet home.
God bless America,
My home sweet home

Memorial Day Tribute

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Memorial Day Tribute

This Memorial Day Tribute is written and performed by Geoffrey Lewis  – one of the greatest story tellers of all time – with music by Geoff Levin.

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing Celestial Navigations for their superb work.

Contributors Read and Sign Books at Borders Canoga Park, CA

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Contributors Read and Sign Book at Borders Canoga Park, CA

Saturday, May 3, 2008, nine contributors to the Heart of a Mother, Heart of a Woman, and Corazón de Mujer books, autographed gift books for shoppers at the BORDERS Canoga Park store.

Shoppers were entertained as stories, poems and quotations were heartfully shared from the publications by their original writers, including Adria Manary, Becky Palmer "Rent An Aunt," Linda Salazar, Renee Carter and Sheryl Roush.

New mother Tina Rubin was accompanied for this Mother’s Day reading by her husband, and precious new little daughter, Sophie, who posed beautifully for photos, on cue.

Marcy DeCato read in Spanish, her contribution to the newly released Corazón de Mujer.

A touching moment was celebrated by all when daughter Rita Lanell De Los Reyes, read her touching tribute, "My Pretty Santa" to her mother, Janie Cruise, who was present to share the event.

Brand new tunes from the Heart of a Mother Musical Selection CD played throughout the store, as a special treat to shoppers as well.

Heart of Mother Music CD releases for Mother’s Day!

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Heart of Mother Music CD releases for Mother’s Day!

The new Heart of a Mother Musical Selections CD releases this week! A touching and uplifting compilation crafted by Janet Cucinotti of WorldSound Productions, Inc., of Santa Cruz, California, the masterpiece features nine well-known international talents, bringing ten inspirational tracks for listening delight.

The CD was inspired to accompany Heart of a Mother, the printed collection of beautiful short stories, loving tributes to mothers and grandmothers, original poems, cherished quotations and classic scriptures by author Sheryl Roush.

"Music touches us in ways that mere words cannot. This musical treasury is truly amazing – and unique! Each talent sharing their heart-filled passion with the listener. Each track lovingly guides you through a journey into your own heart, from instrumentals to vocals, each carefully selected for their composition and message. Uplifting, goose-bump chilling, passionate to its core. You can’t help but be touched and feel INSPIRED by this music!" affirms Sheryl Roush.

Heart of Mother — the Book AND the CD are available TOGETHER for only $19.95 at
CLICK HERE to order:

View biographies and photos of the Heart of Mother Artists at:

Musical Selections Audio CD to accompany Heart of a Mother Book

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Heart of a Mother
Music Audio CD to accompany published Book

Sparkle Press, Sparkle Presentations, Inc., and WorldSound Productions, Inc. have joined hearts and efforts to create a new MUSIC AUDIO CD to accompany the book, Heart of a Mother, by Sheryl Roush, to be released before Mother’s Day this year. Truly a unique and diverse collection, talented big name musicians have contributed their gifts in the memory and tribute to the life of "Laurie Z." beloved child pianist prodigy at age 16, a non-smoker who died February 6, 2006 from lung cancer, in the prime of her career. Each artist has donated, and some created for this compliation, their tracks in the name and love of Laurie Zeluck Carter.

“Life, for most people, consists of living on the lines – that is, doing what they feel they are supposed to do, or what is expected of them, instead of allowing themselves to soar to their own personal heights and challenges. Truly, life often hands us the best opportunities for growth when we least expect it, when something unanticipated interrupts our life ‘to do’ list. I believe that the greatest things life has to offer lie ‘between the lines,’ when we take advantage of serendipitous events and begin to paint our own picture of what truly can be for us, not what ‘should be’ for us.”
~Laurie Z.~


Laurie Z.® received a total of 15 Grammy nomination considerations for her recordings. Her ability to gracefully mix classical, modern jazz and contemporary instrumental styles has been called “absolutely amazing” by prominent music critics and fans alike. Laurie was known for her in-concert improvisations and For the Love of a Child was first created in concert from a suggestion from the audience. It was later recorded live to Disklavier, without edits or overdubs. All The Love In The World by Laurie Z.®, is Sheryl Roush’s heartfelt pick.   

Doug Sparling has written music for Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters (Wheel of Fortune) cell phone game, recorded and written music for Kansas City Irish Rock band The Elders, and performed on the title theme for an indie film titled Hunter. His music has been placed in music production libraries in the U.S. and UK. Interested in many styles, Doug’s musical compositions include Celtic/Irish, solo piano, solo acoustic guitar, and ambient guitar and lap steel. Doug’s tune, The Old Stone Bridge was selected in 2005 for a McDonald’s web site benefiting the Ronald McDonald House and appears on Celtic Shores II (Epilogue Records) compilation CD. You will dance along to The Mother & Child Reel on this compilation.

Ericson Holt has recorded and toured with Grammy winners, The Mavericks, and Oscar nominee and critics favorite Allison Moorer. He has performed with Lee Roy Parnell, Rodney Crowell, Tracy Nelson, and Ricky Van Shelton. Ericson is featured prominently on the new Mike Farris release Salvation in Lights and is an in-demand session player in Nashville. Moonlight in Memphis is from Ericson’s debut solo album, The Blue Side, which climbed to the top 30 on the Americana Chart.   

Steve Gibb is an award winning composer and guitarist. His amazing instrumental versatility, combined with his ability to compose in many styles, enables him to transcend the musical genres with ease. Steve has worked with many of today’s leading composers and is in much demand as a session guitarist. Steve has appeared on stage in the title role for the musical, The Buddy Holly Story and is currently performing in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Jersey Boys.  Steve’s Lost in You on this touching compilation is soothing, nurturing and passionate.

JanElaine Eller is not what you might expect. When you first see her, you might expect the performance to match the pretty, petite, and gentle natured person. Then she sits at a piano and her powerhouse performances resonate the chords of your soul. Her songs are broad and sweeping and take hearts soaring, while also relaying a grace that leaves listeners with a sense of peace and well-being. Vocal to Turning Wheels is performed by the talented Joy Summerville.       

Charlie Souza is the original Tom Petty band bass player. He was also the bass player for the pop/rock legend bands Fortress and The Tropics. Charlie has performed, collaborated and recorded with Bill Champlin (Chicago), Joe Walsh, Jim Horn, Greg Allman, Cactus, Santana keyboardist Leon Patillo, The Darrell Mansfield Christian Band, White Witch & Gale Force. Charlie has carved out a successful career as a session musician, writer, producer, band leader and, along with other members of The Tropics, is a recent nominee to the Florida Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Listen to "The Rose" from Charlie’s "You Can Live Your Dream" CD.

Kirsten Vogelsang is both a composer and a professional cellist. Kirsten has taken her background and fluency in string and orchestral writing and applied it to new and crossover genres such as electroacoustic and trance. As a Sundance Fellow, Kirsten began her filmscoring career in 1990, scoring over 20 films and TV productions. As a session musician, her countless recording highlights in film and television include X Men, Star Trek, and The Last Samurai. Composing for the dance and concert music world, Kirsten’s performance list includes Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Whitney Museum. Kirsten’s tender track on this CD is Mamas Know (Kyra’s Lullaby).

Peter Combe is indisputably Australia’s finest and most loved children’s songwriter and recording artist. His wonderfully diverse music delights both children and parents alike. With three ARIA Awards, the American equivalent of a Grammy, Peter was the first Children’s artist in Australia to ever receive an ARIA Award. Seven of Peter’s albums have received Gold Awards and two Platinum Awards. He has written songs for all of his four children with Child of Mine written for his daughter Alice. Daughter Emily Combe, whose band, The Finishing School, is a recipient of the 2006 L.A. Music Award for “Best Pop Artist of the Year,” provides background vocal.   

Penka Kouneva is a Sundance Composer Fellow and Hollywood film composer blending her native Eastern-European influences with modern orchestra, Medieval chant, rock, and electronica. To date, she has scored nine independent features, four television films for the SciFi channel, episodic shows on cable TV, and five documentaries. In addition to scoring, Penka is a busy orchestrator on studio films (Pirates of the Carribean III, Matrix 2 & 3, Lizzie McGuire Movie), and on film trailers for the two biggest trailer houses in Los Angeles. Playground was written in tribute to the memory of Laurie Z.®   

WorldSound Productions and Sparkle Press graciously thank all the Artists for their generous heartfelt contributions to this CD which is dedicated to the memory of Laurie Z.® 




For more information about these and other talented Artists please visit:
World Sound Productions

"Serving artists in the new millennium"  
or email:
P.O. Box 568, Capitola, CA 95010 U.S.A.  

Phone (831) 462-1918

For more information about the Heart Books or Speaker and Author
Sheryl Roush visit:  
or email:

P.O. Box 2373, La Mesa, CA 91943 U.S.A. 
Phone (858) 569-6555

Many of the Artists ARE available for concerts and special performances at your engagements. Consider hosting an EVENT with the Artists performing and Sheryl Roush presenting as your keynote inspirational speaker.


“Local Color” Independent Film by George Gallo

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Watch "Local Color" an independent film of "stunning original paintings and reflections with inspirational quotations, set to magnificent music that brings joy to your Heart. You will be positively moved." – Sheryl Roush

Heart of the Holidays – Music

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Heart of the Holidays – Music


Browsing the internet this morning, I came across this unique and touching CD that goes along with the theme of the Heart of the Holidays book – and BY THE SAME NAME!  So of course, it got MY attention. I listened to title theme song track and then a few more songs, and ordered it!

“The songs on my albums, although they’re mostly instrumental, each carry a lot of meaning with them. I have a very vivid image in my head when I write, which I try to convey musically and melodically. My goal is to get you to feel what I’m feeling, without using words.”
~ Laurie Z.

Touching the heart with music, Heart of the Holidays is a celebration of the season. Included are creative new interpretations of the traditional Chanukah songs "Mo’oz Tsur" and "Sivivon." Two original numbers written and performed by Laurie Z., "Heart of the Holidays" and "Warmth From Within" easily hold their own next to the traditional songs we all know by heart. Playful touches are included, like special guest, late actor Jack Palance singing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," topping it all off with Jack Palance’s delightful reading of "The Night Before Christmas."

Read more about musical prodigy Laurie Zeluck Carter here.

A touching tribute to Laurie’s life is posted here (1957-2006).

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