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Heart of a Toastmaster: Chief Executive Officer’s Message

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Heart of a


True stories by, for and about members of Toastmasters International


After 23 years of working for Toastmasters International, I still get excited about what Toastmasters can do for people. Members gain the confidence and competence to transform their lives. They veer outside their comfort zone, stretch their skills, learn about themselves, and fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Heart of a Toastmaster offers many compelling stories of such
transformative experiences. Members from around the world write of the communication and leadership skills they have developed through Toastmasters, and the new opportunities they have encountered as a result; they tell of pushing past their initial fears and the pride they feel in their growth and accomplishments; they reveal inspiring examples of overcoming personal adversity with the help of their fellow members; they speak of friends and mentors, of speech-contest thrills and International Convention memories.

All of that is part of the Toastmasters experience.

Through their journeys, members become leaders, able to use their new skills to positively impact others—whether at work, at home or in their communities. This is the great gift of Toastmasters: In becoming a confident leader, you enrich the lives of other people, which, in turn, is deeply enriching to yourself.

As Past International President Gary Schmidt once said, “Confidence and leadership culminate in serving others. When we serve others, we ultimately serve ourselves.”


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Heart of a Toastmaster: Be touched by personal stories

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Heart of a Toastmaster

True stories by, for and about members of Toastmasters International

You will be touched and inspired reading these personal stories—as you share the pride, spirit, and Heart of a Toastmaster!

Enjoy 145 submissions from 133 Contributors in 256 pages, from around the globe, compiled by Sheryl Roush, DTM, Past District 5 Governor, Accredited Speaker.

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  • A Catalyst for Change
  • Benefits Galore
  • Celebrating Professional Success
  • Convention Magic
  • Facing the Fears of Public Speaking
  • Giving Back
  • Living the Dream
  • Our Global Family of Support
  • Overcoming Adversities
  • Relying on Toastmasters Skills
  • Stepping Into Leadership
  • Tributes
  • Using Skills to Serve the Community
  • Where Leaders Are Made

    There were 210 submissions, accounting for over 60,000 words, received from members around the globe.


    Dilip R. Abayasekara
    Frank S. Adamo
    Lanie Adamson
    Valerie Adolph
    Val Albert
    Scott Alexander
    Sandra Amelino
    Jody Bailey
    Rita Barber
    Emi Bauer
    Edwin Bernard
    Helen Blanchard
    Monique Blokzyl
    Deborah Bogdon
    Gladys Boutwell
    Douglas Brinker
    Marlene Cain
    Ross Campbell
    Sandy Weaver Carman
    Carol Carter
    Roz Carter
    Elbia Quiñones Castillo
    Jim Chamberlin
    Laura Clancy



    Lois Camp Cole
    Jo Condrill
    Roy Crawford
    Santanu Das Sharma
    Gena Yuvette Davis
    Laura De Anda
    George E. Deliduka
    Dena DeLuco
    Tom Dowd
    Wendy Fedan
    Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
    Maria Victoria “Vicky” Ferrer
    Joyce Feustel
    Charles Fleisher
    Andrea Foy
    Melanie Ghazarian
    Ethel Goatee
    Michael Goforth
    Chris Gregory
    Lynda Hammond
    Steve Hansen
    Lydia Harris
    Carol Harrison
    Craig Harrison
    Azizah Abu Hassan
    Bob Hooey
    Jeff Hubbard
    Mohamed Isa
    Connie Jameson
    Tom Jameson
    Vijaya Jayaraman
    Anita Jefferson
    Marilyn Jess
    Pat Johnson
    Ron Johnson
    Emmy Jones
    Prakash Kabe
    Sathya Kannan
    Sheila M. Kelly
    Linda Kersey
    Jackie Klooserboer
    Ruth Koepp
    May-chen Kuo
    Sharon Kuroda
    Dennis Kwan
    Darren LaCroix
    Bev LeBlanc
    Rona Lewis
    Kathy J. Loesberg
    Dina H. Loomis
    Kathryn MacKenzie
    Linnaea Mallette
    Dr. Ken Malmberg
    Rebecca Marzec
    Phyllis May
    Earl McLaughlin
    Coral McVean
    Amanda Meeker
    Tammy A. Miller
    Jan Mills
    Glenn Miya
    Greta Evans Morgan
    Simone Morris
    Kristin Nickells
    Jack Nichols
    Kathie Nirschl
    Denis Nurmela
    Michael Osur
    Margaret Page
    Becky Palmer
    Gwyn Pinto-D’Mello
    Kay Presto
    Mark S. Rauschenbach
    Deborah S. Reisdorph
    Angela Reterstorf
    Rochelle Rice
    Lee Robert
    Jean Bailey Robor
    Jack Rolfe
    Rena Romano
    Ruth Rooney
    Sheryl Roush
    Carol Sauceda
    Olivia Schofield
    Amanda Sebastian
    Theresa A. Shaver
    Liz Andra Shaw
    Genny Ong Gek Siew
    Birgit Starmanns
    Ryan Sullivan
    Naomi Takeuchi
    Wekie Tay
    Shel Taylor
    Jordana Tiger
    Karen Twichell
    Angel Vallejo
    Jan Vecchio
    Michelle Vera
    Paul E. White
    Douglas Wilks
    Woody Wilson
    Haydee Windey
    Richard Wira
    JoAnn Wismer
    June Wolfe
    Maureen Zappala
    Jane Zumot


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