Heart of a Woman in Business:
Stories, Strategies and Skills for Business Success

In conversational tone, this book is loaded with all original stories, poems and quotations, for encouragement, igniting the spark, feeling the passion for today’s woman in the workplace.

Experts, coaches, speakers, trainers, retirees, all share their top tips, secrets and advice. Loaded with masterful writing from over 80 contributors, the book by female motivational speaker Sheryl L. Roush is 288 pages, for $16.95

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Professional Review for Type-A Mom Gift Guide:
Divided into fourteen sections with headings such as “Inspirations for the Heart,” “Light Moments,” and “Best Practices, Strategies & Ideas,” this work not only provides enjoyment for any woman who has struggled to combine work and family, worked hard to excel in her career, or launched a business of her own, but it also offers valuable tips and advice from one woman to another…. Author Sheryl Roush shares with the reader not only her best practices and suggestions, but she has also assembled a marvelous collection of inspirational quotes and wonderfully written passages from highly successful men and women… This work is not only something that I have been able to relate to, but have found to be simultaneously inspirational.  I highly recommend checking out this book as well as the others in the Heart Book Series for the women who hold your heart this holiday season.
– Amy Lupold Bair, Review for Type-A Mom Gift Guide

 Amazon.com Reader Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
More Than Expected, October 16, 2008
I expect books in the Heart Book series to be compelling, evocative, inspirational and useful. Heart of a Woman in Business is even more. Tightly edited (lots of contributors didn’t make the cut), each story has its own punch and vitality. It’s women speaking with, and to, women in both a very personal way and as kindred professionals. It’s worth reading and worth keeping close as a ready reference for those moments when…
– John Reddish, Get Results, CMC-Certified Management Consultant

5.0 out of 5 stars What A Treat for My Soul, December 2, 2008
Just flipping through this book for a few minutes I picked up some great business tips, felt uplifted and now can’t wait to dig in and read more of the wisdom that the contributors have to share. A great gift for any heart centered woman.
– Coach Laura, HeartCenteredWomen.com

5.0 out of 5 stars Heartfelt and Inspiring!, December 3, 2008
Once again, Sheryl Roush has come through with another uplifting, inspiring and supportive book in her Heart Book Series. Heart of a Woman in Business is full of great tips and practical tools to use in not only growing your business but keeping you moving forward when faced with challenges. The straight-from-the-heart sharing from so many wonderful business women is a testament of their generosity and desire to help other women be as successful as possible. Women in the workplace do have special needs and this book addresses those needs and so much more!
– Linda Salazar, Author of Awaken the Genie Within

  5.0 out of 5 stars A book for these times, February 10, 2009
If ever a book was “right for the times,” it is this one!
Open any page and find inspirational stories, ideas to promote business, useful advice and strategies – all uplifting for anyone in the business world today. This is truly a treasure for business women who need uplifting messages during the economy we are experiencing at this time. Heart of a Woman in Business makes a wonderful gift – for yourself as well as others.
– Helen Blanchard, Author of Breaking the Ice
First Woman in Toastmasters International

5.0 out of 5 stars A Book to Share, December 14, 2008
How to say thank you? This book is going to the women who delivers my mail, better than anyone ever has to let her know how much she is appreciated– my thank you to her. Think of the many women who we interact with that help make our lives easier by being there for us in our daily lives. This is one way to let them know how much what they do helps us in our daily lives whether in a business relationship or friendship.
This book needs to be shared.
– Ruth Koepp

5.0 out of 5 stars FROM A RETIREE, December 4, 2008
I have so enjoyed this latest book of Sheryl’s and just wish it had come out a few years back when I was still working. It contains so many varied stories from women in today’s work place which could have been so helpful to me. I fought my way up to a Secretary-Treasurer position of a small corporation about twenty years ago … and I now know I got my title instead of the salary I so “richly deserved,” because I allowed that to take place. Today I would have known better. If there had been a book like HEART OF A WOMAN IN BUSINESS around in those days, I would have known how to go after both the money and the title. This is an excellent book for every working woman of today, and I highly recommend it.
-Virginia “Gilly” Ellis, poet


5.0 out of 5 stars An Open Heart Ensures Business Success, December 3, 2008
Sheryl Roush has done it again! And you know there is no stopping her. As women in business we are constantly faced with the dilemma of where our heart fits into our business. There are many wonderful, heart-opening stories from inspirational women in this new book. It’s a great gift to give yourself or to any woman in the business world who is ready for growth.
– Darlene Fahl-Brittian

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