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Heart of a Woman in Business Book Review by Coach Laura at Women in Joy

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"Heart of a Woman in Business"
Book Review
by Coach Laura
at Women in Joy

November 12th, 2008

Blog post at Women in JoyAsk Coach Laura.

Once again sparkling speaker and author Sheryl Roush has compiled a beautiful collection of wisdom for women in business. Recently, her book, Heart of a Woman in Business was released.

Whether you want to be inspired or informed, this book is a compilation of tremendous wisdom and creative writing. Sheryl Roush has outdone herself. She has put together a group of amazing women and their body of knowledge for every working woman. Just by flipping through the book I’ve already learned how to take a better photo, leadership tips and Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues, how to be a more effective leader, learn to cultivate abundance,  to simply reminding you why you are an incredible woman. There are inspirational quotes, communication tips and more. Pick up this book because it may have just the tip you need.

It is an honor to be a contributor amongst so many other brilliant women–80 contributing authors. Look for my story entitled, "Rejuvenating the Heart of a Success Oriented Woman."

This is an incredible book. Once you have it, you’ll want a copy for each of your friends. So check it out today

Heart of a Woman in Business:
Stories, Strategies and Skills for Business Success

Through order here.

"Coach Laura"
Laura Rubinstein is helping women around the world embrace their feminine power and create the relationships they desire. Laura is passionate about creating great relationships and helping women make joy a number one priority their lives. When women understand that joy is their birthright and they have the power to create it, their lives turn around, relationships flourish and success happens.

“Heart of a Mother” Book Review by Annie Mueller

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“Heart of a Mother”
Book Review
by Annie Mueller

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Type-A Mom Gift Guide – Gifts for Moms
Monday, 10 November 2008

When I agreed to review this book, I was thinking of my own experiences as a Mom (two young children and a third due in April). I didn’t stop and think about the fact that I lost my own Mom to cancer last year, and every single thought in this book would bring it all back.

Still, I’m glad I got to read it. I cried all the way through the “Loss and Grieving” section, and the “A Mother’s Love” section, and especially through “Mom’s Pink Robe.” They got me: those collections of stories, personal and real; the poems that somehow captured my exact feelings; the quotations that succinctly and beautifully summed it up in a line or two.

Heart of a Mother is written by Sheryl L. Roush, an international speaker and author. Her website is You can purchase the book here : $16.95 for paperback.

More Details

The book begins with a section called “10 Ways to Open Your Heart to Your Mother,” and it’s an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to deepen and improve the Grown-Up Child-Mom relationship. The rest of the book is divided into sections which are arranged alphabetically, from “Adopted with Love” to “Making a Difference” to “Raising Spiritually-Centered Kids” to “Worthiness.” At the very back of the book is a section of Journaling Worksheets; there is space to write directly on them in the book, or they could easily be copied.

This is a great collection for any Mom – for your mother-in-law, your daughter who just had her first baby, your grandmother, your Mom, or even for yourself. It’s the kind of book that you can flip through on a whim and find yourself crying and laughing within ten minutes of reading time. There is a spiritual element within the book, but most is not “religion-specific,” so to speak, so the book easily accommodates people of all faith.

The Bottom Line

The best recommendation I can give is this: if my Mom were still with me, this book would definitely be one of my gifts to her this Christmas.




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