Affirmations for Presenters

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Affirmations for Presenters
Read out loud before your presentation.

I let go of anything that has happened today which does support me to be my best NOW.
I put my ego aside and serve this audience to the best of my abilities.
I remain balanced and centered and am capable of handling anything.

I have credibility in this topic and present this message in a way which is easily understood and by all.
I am professional and respected.

I gave thanks that my thoughts flow easily and effortlessly.
My words flow smoothly and in a logical manner.
I am safe. I am confident. I visualize success.
I am authentic, genuine and real.

I easily establish and hold rapport with my audience.
I am connected with my audience and shift to respond with them.
I create ways to involve the audience.
I empower interaction among and with the audience participants.

I deliver a dynamic presentation.
I am amazing. I am courageous.
I am an outstanding speaker.


I take my material seriously and delivery lightly.
I use my talents.
I have fun, and they have fun.

I am worthy to deliver this message.
I am grateful for the privilege to serve them.
I give thanks that I meet and exceed expectations of all present.
I give thanks that I reach each listener on their level.

Published in Heart of a Woman in Business.

Sheryl Roush
Professional Speaker
Speaking Coach
Sparkle Presentations, Inc.

Heart of a Woman in Business Book Helps Prepare for Speech Next Day

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Heart of a Woman in Business Book Helps Prepare for Speech Next Day


I want to thank you for arranging to have the new Heart of a Woman in Business books delivered on time for my presentation tomorrow.  I received the books this afternoon, and immediately opened up the box to see my story in print!  You are right, it’s a wonderful experience.

I just browsed through the book and it looks to be a wonderful collection!
I randomly turned to page 67, Affirmations for Presenters, in the Polishing Up on Business Skills Chapter, and read through the suggestions.  I will read this again before I begin my presentation tomorrow. What wonderful words!

Best to you on this book,

Jan M. Smith
Inland Management Group

Affirmations for a Woman in Business

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From Heart of a Woman in Business
book by Sheryl Roush


Affirmations for a Woman in Business

My career is my choice of service, and my service is an extension of my love.

My career celebrates who I really am.

I am living my most pure essence, with ease and grace, living creatively every project, task, day.

I know in my heart “the right thing to do,” and with integrity and respect, I do it.

I honor myself for my choices.

By aligning with my calling, I am living my heart’s desire and my higher purpose.

With ease and grace, I make decisions.

Business and opportunities flow abundantly to me, because I am living my truth, living my passion, and living my calling.

I honor my body, listen to it, and nurture it.

Today and every day, I expect great things.

I open my heart, my mind, and my spirit to the Guidance of God.

I am willing to see my magnificence.

I am willing to receive all abundant gifts from the Universe.

I graciously receive praise and prosperity.

I honor my path as well as the path of others.

Sheryl Roush
Inspirational Speaker
12-time Author
8-time Entrepreneur
© July 19, 2008

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