Story: The Easter Bunny Came to Visit

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True Story: The Easter Bunny Came to Visit

The Easter Bunny came to visit my house yesterday.

I know this because he left blood on the rug where the cat put him after playing with him a bit.
When I found him, he was still alive, so I took him outside, followed closely by the cat.
You see, my cat knows how to open the front door. The door is kept unlocked because if the cat finds it locked, he continues to TRY to open it until the door suffers damage. We have learned it is easier to let the cat have his own way. So when the cat trotted past with a mouth full of bunny – I quickly followed and retrieved the little animal.
About an hour later, I heard the front door open again. Now I had seen the remains of the bunny on the back porch. I didn’t want the leftovers brought into the house, so I responded very quickly. I got to the family room in time to see the cat put down the Easter bunny’s twin, which promptly ran under the couch. Obviously, this bunny was NOT close to death. A frantic game of hide-and-go-seek followed between the three of us. I won. I finally caught the bunny, having turned over the furniture, knocked over lamps, and generally disrupted the house which had already been cleaned for Easter. I turned this bunny loose where he dived into my garden, there to eat himself silly.
At the end of all this, I have bunny leftovers on the back porch, a very confused cat who STILL can’t find the second bunny under the couch, and a locked front door. The next time the Easter bunny comes to visit, he can knock.
Happy Easter!
Nancy Christensen, March 21, 2008

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