Feminine Power Card Deck of Women’s Wisdom

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Feminine Power Card Deck of Women’s Wisdom

Ever get "stuck" and need some instant guidance?

Heart of a Woman book contributor, Laura Rubinstein, Master Leadership Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, has published her feminine wisdom in a deck called Feminine Power Cards as a valuable resource for those times when you need answers, you’re unsure where to turn and your mind keeps going round and round.

Each card has a gentle reminder, question or process for tapping deeper into your own authentic core. You will be able to uncover your truth, shift your energy and align yourself to attract your highest intentions.
“I love these cards. They are like having your own relationship coach in your pocket.” 
– John Gray, PhD, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

The deck contains 54 beautifully marbled cards and comes packaged in an elegant pink organza bag. Perfect for taking along to your next lunch with a girlfriend. Host a party and play games. The "Ways to Play" e-book is also included. Go to <http://www.femininepowercards.com/>

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