Clinton Daily News Book Review: Heart of the Holidays

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Clinton Daily News Book Review:
Heart of the Holidays

Dee Ann Ray, book review columnist for the Clinton Daily News (Clinton, Oklahoma), reviewed Heart of the Holidays by Sheryl Roush in her Gift Books column on December 8.

Looking for a great gift?

   Heart of
the Holidays, Holiday Inspirations, Yuletide Treasures and Traditions" is a delightful book covering Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Even Scrooge could find enjoyment and peace in preparing for the holiday season in this book.
   It is written by Sheryl Roush who is a top-rated international speaker who offers humor, heart and boosts moral and the human spirit.
   This book is a collection of 67 original stories, 36 poems, 193 quotations and scriptures from 71 contributors.
   Families will enjoy this collection and might create a new holiday tradition be reading the contents together, with half an hour each night shared in enjoying the reading of this book. This book will help revive the readers’ memories and recall similar occasion and experiences.
    It is published by Sparkle Press in San Diego. Toll Free number is 800-932-0973.

Heart of the Holidays is available at,, Borders Stores nationwide.
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