December 12 BOOK SIGNING EVENT at Borders Eastlake

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Heart Book Series Contributors Autograph December 12, 2009 at Borders Eastlake, Chula Vista, California


Sheryl Roush and contributors to the Heart of a Woman, Heart of a Mother, Heart of the Holidays, Corazón de MujerHeart of a Woman in Business, and the brand new Veterans Day release of Heart of a Military Woman books will be autographing copies on Saturday, December 12, from 2:00-5:00pm at BORDERS bookstore in Eastlake of Chula Vista, San Diego, California.

More than a book signing, contributors will READ THEIR original STORY, TRIBUTE, or POEM to shoppers in English and in Spanish!

Author and professional speaker, Sheryl Roush gives presentations around the globe, at conferences and for corporations, helping to rekindle the spirit, raise the bar, and create excitement. Her gift for inspiring touches hearts and offers a positive outlook on daily life. A native San Diegan–and born in Chula Vista–she was crowned “Ms. Heart of San Diego” (twice) for contributions to our community.

Contributors at book reading and signing event include:
Loni Anderson
Sarah Arnold
Kathi Burns
Dharlene Fahl-Brittian
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
Jan Mills (Canada)
Darcy Lovgren Pavich
Beverly Roush
Sheryl Roush
Laura Rubinstein
Seth Sherwood-Flores
Gina Simmons
Lyn White

COME MEET THESE AUTHORS and have your books personally autographed!

Perfect for holiday gifts people will keep, read and cherish!

Eastlake Chula Vista

878 Eastlake Parkway
Chula Vista, CA 91914
Store Phone: 619.482.9883

The Christmas Movie Card

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The Christmas Movie Card

Terri Marie Whitewing created this special three-minute "Christmas Movie Card" complete with her own music playing in the background to touching photos and statements.

The message within the movie is meant to warm the heart.

The Story Behind the Card
Because of all the moving I’ve done the past several years (5 moves in 5 years)  I just didn’t feel like decorating much for the holidays if it meant looking at one more box. One day the message on the song for the movie came through loud and clear. "Christmas is something you carry in your heart. It’s always here when you feel it."
As a reminder when we get stressed out over the holiday Preparations, Decorations, and other such ‘rations, just remember… the Christmas Spirit comes in quietly – softly entering any moment of pure love.
Here is a gift of love to you for every holy day that you live.
Let’s spread the Christmas Spirit around the world.

It’s always Christmas inside a warm heart.
Copyright 2008 White Wing Entertainment

Terri Marie Whitewing is a contributor to the "Heart of the Holidays" book by Sheryl Roush, with her story and poem, "A New Christmas Song? There’s a Reindeer in My Gate" based on a true story.

Dec. 20 Sheryl Roush Book Signing Event at Borders

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Dec. 20 Sheryl Roush Book Signing Event at Borders

Heart Book Series Contributors
Signing & Reading Event


Sheryl Roush and contributors to the Heart of a Woman, Heart of a Woman in Business, Heart of a Mother, Heart of the Holidays and  Corazón de Mujer books will be autographing copies on Saturday, December 20 from 2:00-6:00pm at BORDERS bookstore in Eastlake of Chula Vista, San Diego County, California.

More than a book signing, contributors will READ THEIR original STORY or POEM to shoppers! Contributors present will include: Helen Blanchard, Dharlene Fahl-BrittianConsuelo Sanchez, Adria Manary, Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez, Elisa Castaneda, Lanie Adamson, Lyn White, Michelle Burkart, Morgana Rae, Effie Horning, Michelle Weisser, and Sheryl’s mother Beverly Roush,
joining series originator Sheryl Roush from San Diego. The group will be celebrating with dinner locally following the book signing event.

COME MEET THESE AUTHORS and have your books personally autographed!

Perfect for Holidays gifts!

Eastlake Chula Vista

878 Eastlake Parkway
Chula Vista, CA 91914
Store Phone: 619.482.9883

Poem: A Christmas Commitment

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Poem: A Christmas Commitment

Being happy is our first commitment
It is a huge gift for our loved ones
It is a box full of wonderful surprises
They will delight us through enchantment
Christmas is time for having fun
Enjoy the brightness of the winter sun
When you sometimes are feeling blue
Remember think about God’s route.
New Year’s Eve is a true ending
When we are ready to go back and review
What we have learned through living memories
Which make us stronger for a new beginning
God gives you a chance of surviving
Keep this greatness in your mind
Sharing love, joy and understanding
They are powerful from a new humankind.
By Consuelo Sanchez
December 2008

Consuelo is published in Corazon de Mujer, the inspirational gift book, Heart of a Woman fully translated in Spanish. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

ORDER the Heart of the Holidays Book here.

Thanksgiving Tips: Save Your Sanity with Sheryl Roush

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Thanksgiving Tips: Save Your Sanity

Interview with Sheryl Roush

Lorri Allen, the Producer/Host of FamilyNet Television & Radio, interviewed Sheryl Roush, author of Heart of the Holidays today, on "Mornings with Lorri & Larry," broadcast from Atlanta, Georgia.
Sheryl shared tips to save your sanity over Thanksgiving, including these good reminders:

  • Get plenty of SLEEP.
  • Eat healthy, and drink wisely.
  • Get outside for a short walk.


To enjoy the most of the holiday, she added these tips:

  • Set positive intentions for the day/event.
  • Be optimistic and stay flexible… plans change.
  • You reserve the right to say NO to invitations.
  • Schedule OPEN TIME on your calendar for YOU.
  • Have your meal catered…. or potluck/buffet style….
  • Have a "relief" staff to clear the table, and do the dishes.
  • Plan the meal ahead of time, to avoid procrastination and stress.
  • Serve dessert 1-2 hours after the meal, in another room.
  • Focus on the “together-ness time” not the doing-ness tasks.
  • Cherish the quality and sacred time.
  • Bring fresh flowers to your hostess.

BONUS: Larry’s Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe (and his special secret), from Savannah Georgia

Sheryl read a couple of quotes by Erma Bombeck and Oprah Winfrey, and a short poem, “The Last Piece of Pie” by Lillian Berman published in from Heart of the Holidays.

Check out archived podcasts and forthcoming guests at
"Mornings" airs from 6-9 am Eastern on Sirius Satellite 161, and from 7-9 am Eastern on FamilyNet Television.


Sheryl’s Heart Book Series are available at:,, Borders stores,
Order personally autographed copies from Sheryl Roush at

POEM: Vegan Christmas

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Vegan Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Nothing’s overnight baking, not Lamb and not Grouse.

Making plans for the morning, health-conscious are we,
Jotting it down, while sipping White Green Tea.

We’ll start with Wheatgrass – a 2 ounce shot,
Toasting healthy bodies with no meat in the pot.

Most thankful are we as we pause to say grace,
For not getting caught up in the holiday rat race.

Sparkling Pomegranite Juice in a wine glass,
Light up the stove – we’re cookin’ with gas!

Pita chips and hummus are starter pre-meal,
Carrots, Jicama, Bell Peppers – the natural deal.

Uncork the vintage Sauvignon Blanc,
Segura Viudas Spanish bubbly you can take to the bank!

Fresh garden salad, sunflower seeds and sprouts,
There’s enough for everyone – so no one pouts.

Simmer a pot of Cous Cous, or Basmati Rice,
Baked Butternut Squash would surely be nice.

Raw Sugar Snap Peas, and baked Yummy Yam,
Doing well avoiding Duck, Turkey and Ham.

Brown Rice Bread, Lentil Veggie soup, too.
Wow – without meat and dairy – there’s so much you can do!

Chocolate Tofu Mousse Cake – well-chilled,
With graham cracker crust, I’m not that strong-willed!

Organic Pumpkin Pie – served piping hot.
Sugar-free, you ask?  I think NOT!

Author of Heart of the Holidays, Sheryl Roush,

Workplace Holiday Gift-Giving Etiquette with Bosses and Co-Workers

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Workplace Holiday Gift-Giving Etiquette
with Bosses and Co-Workers

Company policies on gift giving among employees tend to vague or non-existent.  What has become increasingly prevalent, though, is a corporate attitude that actions that create or imply a hostile workplace environment will not be tolerated.  If there is a question of political correctness, people at all levels are encouraged to "play it safe."  Many companies also (formally and informally) put dollar limits, often $25, on gift values, mirroring traditional IRS guidelines for limits on undocumented gift giving. 

In this environment of increased sensitivity, finding "appropriate" gifts has become challenging.  Personal items are often "out."  Self-improvement gifts can send the wrong message.  Gifts of alcohol may carry undesirable risk levels.  While some food gifts remain popular (holiday turkeys, hams, steaks, fruitcakes, etc), the proliferation of food allergies can make these gifts problematic. 

What continue to be safe are subscription based publications focused on expressed personal interest, inspirational gift books such as Heart of the Holidays that focus on multiple Seasonal Holidays, decorative gifts (ornaments, inexpensive collectibles) if you know a person’s religious preferences, gift baskets (whose contents are often almost immediately re-gifted), gift certificates (which now usually are not issued in piles as a way to circumvent the rules, but now actually meet the guidelines) and event tickets (though all too few are available at the targeted $25 price point.

A final note is that given the downsizing issue, both benefits and perks (such as seasonal gifts) are more frequently varied so as not to create "conditions of employment" which Courts have ruled to be entitlements in some cases.

Length of tenure can dictate what kind of gift is given, as well as how interactive the working relationship.  Personal assistants will typically receive a more personalized gift than direct reports. The shorter, more impersonal, the relationship, the more likely a card is most appropriate.  This equation goes both ways.  Company policy may also dictate the gift.  In some workplaces, the work group pools their giving, buying for one other member, limiting the value of the gift to the traditional $25/limit and determining who they will be buying for by lot. 

Boss to employee gifts need not be reciprocated, but should be acknowledged in writing and on paper.

Gifts for the boss – gift certificates for books, music and/or merchandise; subscriptions if the employee knows his/her interests; books themselves; and personally prepared holiday foods (cakes, cookies, etc). 

-John Reddish

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