Meet the Contributors: Lidia S. Martinez, Southwest Airlines

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Meet the Contributors: Lidia S. Martinez, Southwest Airlines

With the release of the Heart of a Woman in Business a full three weeks early, contributors to the book are thrilled to receive copies earlier than planned.

Pictured here is Lidia S. Martinez, Manager of Corporate Community Affairs for Southwest Airlines.

Her lighthearted clip appears in the  "Committing to Excellence" chapter of the book:

Going Nuts!
Find a purpose you are crazy about and go nuts! Southwest Airlines Employees are often accused of being nuts – when in fact all we are is celebrating life. We celebrate each other. We celebrate our Customers. And we celebrate being different!

In addition to celebrating her 18th year loving working for Southwest Airlines, Lidia is a devoted wife to Ted and loving mother of two, a sweetheart of a charitable lady, Chair of the National Board of Directors for MANA-a National Latina Organization, and September 17 received the “Hispanic Heritage Month Local Heroes” Award for Business from KPBS (public television) and Union Bank of California. In her desire to empower future leaders, she supports Girl Scouts, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE), and the Heart of Los Angeles Youth (HOLA). The program airs on September 30 at 10:00pm Pacific on KPBS.

For your copy of the book order from, or for an autographed copy from author Sheryl Roush, through secure PayPal.

Corazón de Mujer – Latino Book Contributors Announced

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Corazón de Mujer – Latino Book Contributors Announced

Corazón de Mujer, the fully-Spanish and updated version of Heart of a Woman, is being released on April 1st, 2008. Authored by Sheryl Roush of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., the 240-page 6×7" gift book is a magnificent collection of original stories by Latino men and women, fresh poems, alongside favorite quotations, scriptures and cherished cultural "Proverbios y Refranes."

The book opens with a touching and inspirational poem by Consuelo Sánchez, a teacher in Baja California, entitled "Renacimiento de una Mujer," perfectly setting the one of this publication.

Additional poems featured are:
"A Mi Mamaíta" by Diana Acevedo-Rittinger
"Angel Sin Alas" by Dora Alicia Medina Gallegos
"Ausencia" by Elizabeth Castro Rivera
"Canto a las Estaciones" by Gloria Rivera Andreu
"Desvelo de Amor" by Elizabeth Rivera
"Gracias" by Gloria Rivera Andrew
"Los Regalos de la Vida" by Silvia Zamora Martínez
"Mujer Ensimismada" by Ana María Basalo
"Niños de Piel Morena" by Elizabeth Rivera
"Quiérete a Ti Misma" by Diana Acevedo-Rittinger
"Quisiera Ser" by Oscar David Cruz Vásquez
"Reina de Reinas" by Elizabeth Pastrana
"Si Yo Tuviera Alas" by Elizabeth Castro Rivera
"Sueños de Mujer" by Consuelo Sánchez
"Todo Está Bien" by Oscar David Cruz Vásquez
"Una de Mujeres" by María Elisa Sánchez
"Vencerse A Sí Mismo" by Silvia Zamora Martínez
"Voy Contigo Hasta la Muerte" by René Benjamín Arriaga del Castillo

Original stories and authors featured include:
"Acerca de los Niños" by María del Socorro Arroyo
"Acerca de la Vida" by María del Socorro Arroyo
"Amor Fronterizo" by Amelia Olivas
"Añoranza" by Mercedes Sánchez de González
"Cicatrices" by Lucy Martínez
"Comunicación" by María del Socorro Arroyo
"Nada Está Escrito, Si Faltas Tú Para Escribirlo" by María del Carmen Camarillo
"No Hay Hijo Feo" by Diana Marcela (Marcy) Decato
"Tres Palabras Sencillas" by Seth Sherwood-Flores
"Un Guerrero de la Esperanza" by Elisa Castañeda

Pre-order your gift copies now for immediate shipping from at


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