New Year’s Resolutions: Attracting Your Soulmate

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New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas of 2005 I was feeling depressed. All of my younger siblings were scattered around the country celebrating the holidays with their spouse’s families. I, on the other hand, did not have a spouse. I had nowhere to go. I was single and alone, 3000 miles away from “home.”

Being the oldest of five children I always had lots of family around me. But this year was the exception to the rule. As I watched from a distance as my siblings created their own lineages, a friend took pity and invited me to spend the holidays with his relatives. As kind as that was, I found myself feeling even more lonely. As I adjusted to adopting someone else’s kin on Christmas Eve, a spark all of a sudden flickered inside of me.  I realized that, more than any other goal in my life, I wanted a family.

I had been living in Los Angeles for 14 years, a town where youth is a top priority. Seasons don’t change and neither do the faces of its inhabitants. Despite the heat, it is a city where time appears to be frozen. And yet, it is a fallacy. Time still marches on. I couldn’t believe that I was 35. For heaven’s sake, I still felt 25! I didn’t comprehend that the years were passing until I would visit with my growing nieces and nephews. It is in children’s faces that the years fly by.

Sitting by the Christmas tree, surrounded by someone else’s family, only served to feed the flame of discontent growing inside of me. I had enough. As fun and exciting as my single life had been, I was ready for the next step. I had done everything I had come to LA to do, and wanted the next adventure. I was over not having to be responsible for anything or anyone. I was actually bored with myself. I was ready to commit to a new future. Yes, finally, I was ready to find my husband and get married.

I had toyed with the idea in the past, but never before had I felt such conviction that now was the time. New Year’s Eve came and, once again, I was saddened to have another holiday pass by with no one to share it with. I sat myself down in the stillness of my empty apartment and wrote out my resolutions for the year.

With conviction and full intent I declared that 2006 was the year that I would meet and marry my soulmate! I wrote out a detailed list of what it was that I wanted to create for my future. I also devised a plan of how I was going to manifest my desires. This affirmation set that little flame ablaze and I was propelled into action.

I started to clear out everything from my past that might be perceived as an obstacle blocking me from being seen by my soulmate. I was determined to be the best that I could be so that I would attract the best man for my greatest Self. I had been practicing The Law of Attraction for about 8 years and I knew that if I wanted to create an extraordinary man than I would have to BE an extraordinary woman.

I knew that The Law of Attraction worked because I had created an exceptional life so far. I had all sorts of remarkable experiences in my work and traveling the world, although they had mostly been sole ventures. Now, I knew that it was time to focus my attention on designing my life partner. For I knew he was out there looking for me, just as much as I was looking for him.

After begrudgingly checking out online dating sites a few months earlier, I decided to revisit the web with a new attitude and responded to three prospects. I told all three that I “didn’t do email’ and if they’d like to talk they could call me.  On January 5th, 2006, he called. It was only five days after I had written my New Year’s resolutions. He had just returned home from the holiday celebration of Paramahansa Yogananda’s birthday at his church when he received my email. He too had been feeling lonely over the holidays, wondering when I was to come into his life, and moved himself into action to go out and find me.

He drove up from San Diego for our first date on January 6th. There was an instant connection and recognition. For our second date he flew up to San Francisco, where I was working for the week, to take me out to dinner. We knew right away it was meant to be. 

We were engaged by Easter and married in August. It only took me seven months to accomplish my New Year’s goals. We traveled to nine countries together in the year and spent each and every holiday together. The secret to my success was The Law of Attraction. Now, I am getting ready to start to manifest my next goal… a family. 

I now know that my holidays will be lonely no more. New Year’s resolutions can be very powerful if you hold a strong intention, and next year it is my intention to hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around the tree on Christmas morning.

— Karen Kripalani, Relationship and Life Coach, Author  of  “The Secret of How To Attract Your Soulmate and Get Married Within a Year,” 


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