POEM: A Tribute to Old Glory

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A Tribute to Old Glory
by Cynthia Groopman

In the soft gentleness of the dawn’s early light,
My eyes are dazzled by an enchanting breathtaking sight.
For regally gracing the clear early morning sky,
Is Old Glory cheerfully waving so very high.

For dear red, white and blue you symbolize a nation of heroes
Who are so loyal, brave and true.
Like a dove of peace, your stripes are of a snowy white,
Symbolizing freedom’s preciously shining eternal light.
A bright red is as fiery as a blaze,
Adding luster and brightness to the morning haze.

For dear Old Glory, you are indeed a joyful gift for us to behold,
As you picturesquely narrate a story that is remarkably told.
For you are priceless treasure and I love and admire you,
With emotions, words and sentiments that are loving true.

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