Quotation: Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Gratitudes are expressions of gratefulness for things outside of yourself: people, place, situation and things that are external.  Always be specific as possible in your gratitudes. Gratitudes are very powerful; they can literally change your perspective of the world.  You see opportunities where there were none before.  You are open to possibilities that, in the past, would have felt impossible. You become more positive. You see people differently.  You begin to notice little things.  Stress dissolves. Your smile returns. Life seems doable.
~Rhonda Britten, Change Your Life in 30 Days

True Freedom to Be Who We Are

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When we are willing to surrender who we think we "should" be, true freedom is revealed and acceptance of "what is" becomes paramount.

Surrender is not about giving up your Essential Nature, in fact it means embracing it fully and completely. When you surrender to the "real you," self-acceptance becomes the order of the day. No more wanting to be different instead, acceptance gives away to understanding, love and kindness.
When we surrender, we are willing to release what we think is "right" for "what is." We are learning to accept. We can let go of the past we give the power of forgiveness room to blossom. When we are truly willing to surrender, our egos are put aside for the truth; the truth of our actions, our language and our thoughts. In acceptance, we are free to make the conscious powerful choices necessary to alter our lives without guilt, shame or doubt.  

~Rhonda Britten
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