Quotations for Women

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Born a precious child, our life beckons to find the wise woman inside,  only to show us the truth about our lives is to remain that precious child, after all.
Sheryl Roush

A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.
Diane Mariechild

A woman’s heart can always stretch to hold a little more.
Rosalie Ferrer Kramer

You were born a woman and Earth is your kingdom.
What are you waiting for?
Maruja Basalo

I am a sensible and sentimental woman.
I receive great love and celestial peace
from our loving Almighty God
that beautifies me inside.
Consuleo Sanchez

If things are not going well with you, begin your effort at correcting the situation by carefully examining the service you are rendering, and especially the spirit in which you are rendering it. 
Roger Babson, 1875-1967, Statistician and Columnist

We are not asked … to believe in a perfect world. We are asked to equip ourselves with courage, hope, readiness for hard work and to cherish large and generous ideals.
—Emily Balch

I was worthless, until I decided to be worth more.
Kim Jeffery, Career Woman

When you grow up and you’re different, all you want to do is find a way to be the same. And then as a more mature adult you realize the beauty of thinking on your own.
—Sarah Jessica Parker


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Corazon de Mujer
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Quotations for Women in Spanish

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Quotations for Women in Spanish

A sampling of quotations from the book Corazón de Mujer





Naciste mujer y tu reino es la Tierra. ¿Qué estás esperando?
-Maruja Basalo

La mujer es un círculo completo. Dentro de ella está el poder para crear, nutrir y transformar
-Diane Mariechild 

El corazón de una mujer siempre puede agrandarse para contener un poco más
-Rosalie Ferrer Kramer

Soy una mujer sensible y sentimental.
Recibo un gran amor de paz celestial
de nuestro amoroso Dios Superior
que me embellece desde mi interior.
-Consuleo Sanchez


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