Corazón de Mujer – “Quiérete a Ti Misma” by Diana Acevedo-Rittenger

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"Quiérete a Ti Misma"

From the book Corazón de Mujer,
by Sheryl Roush,
"Quiérete a Ti Misma" by Diana Acevedo-Rittenger,
Optimum Wellness Coach
at Conscious Brilliance, LLC,
and mother.

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Quierete a ti misma primero

Una historia me pides o tal vez un poema…

Y cuando empiezo a pensar, siento que yo no sé escribir…

O que a lo mejor lo que digo no tiene importancia o quizas que lo que quisiera decir no quiere salir ni de mi alma ni de mi corazón.

Entonces realizé que no soy yo la unica que no se siente suficiente,

Que es una condicion humana que nosh ace pensar que no somos lo suficiente,

Al mirar en lo profundo de mi alma, me doy cuenta que tengo mucho, pero mucho que decir:


Quiero hablarte de lo importante que es quererte a ti misma,

Ponerte a ti de primeras antes de darle nada a los demas,

Cuando te quieres a tí misma, te nutres con cariño, al nutrir tu corazón, se hace mas grande y es mas facil dar cariño a los demas.

Cuando nutres tu cuerpo con los alimentos apropriados estas nutriendo tu salud,

La cual te permitirá vivir una vida mas larga y seras testigo de todos aquellos que amas, y serás un ejemplo para la buena salud de los que te rodean.

Cuando te quieres a ti misma, no ves tus defectos cada dia, pero te regocijas en tus cualidades y las celebras por que son un regalo de Dios.


Amate a ti misma asi como amas a tu creador…


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Alma Bonilla

April 16, 2010
Subject: Corazon de Mujer
I contacted you cause I barely bought your Corazon de Mujer in Spanish version, I started to read it this same week. It’s a very great book. I congratulate you for it!

National Authors Day: Celebrated by North County Authors & Poets in San Diego

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National Authors Day:
Celebrated by North County Authors & Poets in San Diego

National Authors Day was celebrated yesterday in San Diego County’s northern-most area of Oceanside, next to Camp Pendleton’s Marine Corp Base, as the North County Authors and Poets (NCAP) hosted a full-day free event, themed "So You Want to Be An Author!"

Covered in its entirety by local television station KOCT-TV (, The Oceanside Channel, and reporter Faamasani S. Unutoa, the special story will air mid-November. KOCT is a non-profit Corporation that provides public, educational and government access programming and services on Cox Communications Channels 18 and 19, as well as on AT&T.

to the public free of charge and hosted at the Oceanside Civic Center Library, the event featured 32 local published authors and poets, reading from their works, sharing tips and offering inspiration for those wanting to become authors and know more about the publishing business. The Community Room was filled to capacity with eager attendees sponging up the information shared.

Library Director Deborah Polich welcomed everyone to the event, and congratulated the NCAP members and guests, adding her thanks for keeping the passion for reading and writing alive and healthy. She was followed by Anna McElroy, Head Librarian, making her welcoming remarks, and introducing the day’s Moderator, Dr. Elizabeth Yahn Williams.

PUBLISHING: Then-and-Now
Keynote presenter was Dr. Robert Goodman, owner of Silvercat, a San Diego based publishing firm. His comments  addressed publishing then-and-now, with all the changes that have occurred in the industry, and technology’s part in that. Twenty years ago, some 70,000 books were published each year, whereas in 2007 there were 412,000. "Marketing has become a major challenge…the average shelf-life of a book in stores is three weeks. There are fewer bookstores, replaced by megastores (CostCo, WalMart) which carry books." He also addressed eBooks, On-Demand printing, On-Line Readers (Amazon’s Kindle), On-Line Review Journals, and Virtual Book Clubs. Boldy predicting "The bookstore of the future, in 10-15 years, will be a vending machine," with much of the audience agreeing with him. Goodman is the
co-founder and past president of Publishers & Writers of San Diego, co-founder and faculty member of the La Jolla Writers Conference, and a Board Member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), formerly the Publishing Marketing Alliance (PMA).

The morning’s readings were offered by authors and poets: Roger Conlee (Counterclockwise), Jennifer Kise (The Birthday Surprise), L. Curt Erler (Southside Kid & Mantilla Lady); Janie Lancaster (Julie & The Lost Fairy Tale); Teresa Gonzalez-Lee (Love Was Born During The Dance); and Sheryl Roush (Heart Book Series).

Native San Diegan author Sheryl Roush, internationally recognized inspirational speaker, and 12-time published author shared her process for creating her for
Heart Book Series (five books in the past two years, featured in Borders). The series has also added Music CDs to accompany the titles for Heart of a Mother and Heart of the Holidays. Sheryl is the President of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., and a member of the IBPA.

Sheryl invited Dharlene Fahl-Brittian to the stage to read her touching Tea Prayers published in Heart of a Woman in Business and Heart of a Mother. Dharlene, "The Tea Lady," and expert, is also the author of Take Up the Cup, and a line of inspirational laminated Tea Prayer cards.

Sheryl then invited Mary Lenore Quigley read her poems published in the Heart of a Woman in Business and Heart of a Woman, including one dedicated to her retired husband, Patrick, who was delightfully surprised, seated in the audience. Mary is also the author of Indelible Ink: A Memoir.

Dr. Teresa Gonzalez-Lee, Professor at Mira Mesa College, eloquently translated and read in Spanish the opening poem to Corazon de Mujer (Heart of a Woman), "Renacimiento de una mujer" penned by Consuelo Sanchez.

Following the mornings readings, the wealth of knowledge panel included
Poet: Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
Collaborative: Composer David Lewis (Director-San Luis Rey Chorale); Author/Poet Dr. Bob Lundy(Partners-In-Rhyme-Hither & Yahn); Author/Editor Rose E. Magyar (Mira Costa College); Artist Marion Wong;  Author/Poet Dr. Elizabeth Yahn Williams (Partners-In-Rhyme-Hither & Yahn)
Editor: Lois Winsen (Editor-On-Tap) with "Helpful Do’s and Don’ts for New Writers"
Resources: Author/Teacher Marie Giordano (Mira Costa College)
Translators: Professors Dr. Teresa Gonzalez-Lee (Mira Costa College);
and Dr. Edith Jonsson-Devillers (UCSD)
Marketer: Karla Olson (Owner of BookStudio), offered valuable tips and a handout for a Marketing Plan/Proposal Template

Pictured here, KOCT-TV reporting assistant holding some of the BOOKS published by those at the event!

The afternoon’s readings were offered by authors and poets: Carol Ann Lindsay (Songs From a San Diego Morning); Glenn Jacobs (The Samson Process); Marie Giordano (I Love You Like A Tomato); David Valley (The General’s Women); Maggie Chantiloupe (Iraq-The War That Shouldn’t Be-You Decide); Barbara Deming (The Quilt Maker); and Dr. Elizabeth Yahn Williams and Robert T. Lundy (Hither & Yahn).

Faamasani S. Unutoa of KOCT-TV shown here interviewing Moderator Dr. Elizabeth Yahn Williams, regarding the success of the event, and future plans of the North County Authors & Poets.

Corazón de Mujer – Latino Book Contents Announced

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Corazón de Mujer, Índice:

Amor Perdido
Aprender a Amar
Autenticidad y Originalidad
Chispas Estimulantes
Cuenta Tus Bendiciones
Cumpliendo el Deseo de Tu Corazón
Decisión y Sentido Común
Encontrando Amor
Flores y Jardines
Gratitud y Felicidad
Hacer Una Diferencia
Hazlo De Todos Modos
Intuición de Mujer
Juventud Perpetua
Muerte y Duelo
Mujeres Valientes
Respaldo Incondicional
Sabiduría de Mujer
Uno Mismo

Corazón de Mujer – Latino Book Contributors Announced

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Corazón de Mujer – Latino Book Contributors Announced

Corazón de Mujer, the fully-Spanish and updated version of Heart of a Woman, is being released on April 1st, 2008. Authored by Sheryl Roush of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., the 240-page 6×7" gift book is a magnificent collection of original stories by Latino men and women, fresh poems, alongside favorite quotations, scriptures and cherished cultural "Proverbios y Refranes."

The book opens with a touching and inspirational poem by Consuelo Sánchez, a teacher in Baja California, entitled "Renacimiento de una Mujer," perfectly setting the one of this publication.

Additional poems featured are:
"A Mi Mamaíta" by Diana Acevedo-Rittinger
"Angel Sin Alas" by Dora Alicia Medina Gallegos
"Ausencia" by Elizabeth Castro Rivera
"Canto a las Estaciones" by Gloria Rivera Andreu
"Desvelo de Amor" by Elizabeth Rivera
"Gracias" by Gloria Rivera Andrew
"Los Regalos de la Vida" by Silvia Zamora Martínez
"Mujer Ensimismada" by Ana María Basalo
"Niños de Piel Morena" by Elizabeth Rivera
"Quiérete a Ti Misma" by Diana Acevedo-Rittinger
"Quisiera Ser" by Oscar David Cruz Vásquez
"Reina de Reinas" by Elizabeth Pastrana
"Si Yo Tuviera Alas" by Elizabeth Castro Rivera
"Sueños de Mujer" by Consuelo Sánchez
"Todo Está Bien" by Oscar David Cruz Vásquez
"Una de Mujeres" by María Elisa Sánchez
"Vencerse A Sí Mismo" by Silvia Zamora Martínez
"Voy Contigo Hasta la Muerte" by René Benjamín Arriaga del Castillo

Original stories and authors featured include:
"Acerca de los Niños" by María del Socorro Arroyo
"Acerca de la Vida" by María del Socorro Arroyo
"Amor Fronterizo" by Amelia Olivas
"Añoranza" by Mercedes Sánchez de González
"Cicatrices" by Lucy Martínez
"Comunicación" by María del Socorro Arroyo
"Nada Está Escrito, Si Faltas Tú Para Escribirlo" by María del Carmen Camarillo
"No Hay Hijo Feo" by Diana Marcela (Marcy) Decato
"Tres Palabras Sencillas" by Seth Sherwood-Flores
"Un Guerrero de la Esperanza" by Elisa Castañeda

Pre-order your gift copies now for immediate shipping from at


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