Time to Lighten-Up!

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Time to Lighten-Up!

Most people are so stressed today, doing our best to keep up with things, paying bills, handling tasks, taking ourselves too seriously. Too often we forget to take time, smell the roses, get outside and away from the computer, enjoy sunshine in our face, get off the cell phone, and just “be” or find the little joys every day. This serious of “stress” is the top killer today in our culture.

“A merry heart does a spirit good.” Children laugh at everything!  The average four-year-old laughs about 500 times each day… and their giggles are contagious! The average adult laughs only 10-15 times a day!

Research indicates that 15 minutes of belly-laughing a day gives the same stress-reducing effects as 6-8 hours of meditation, prayer or SLEEP!  Laughter is inner-jogging, or massage for the heart – lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, increasing creativity and problem-solving, creating better cooperation between people and improved safety. How can we lighten up?

Entertain yourself.
Put on funny or crazy slippers first thing in the morning, giggling when you put them on.
Notice the silly things YOU do throughout the day.
Wear something outrageous and out-of-style, (a hat, funny socks, cartoon bandages, silly panties) just because.
Take photos of you with your closest friends, pets or family, and have them on your desk at the office.

Be entertained.
Sit back and observe your pet… their nature, the funny little things they do which are cute.
Laugh at others, lovingly, observing absurd things people do.
Look at signs posted, how funny they read.
Next time your spouse does something that bothers you, pull back and find the humor in it instead.

Life is too short – to take it too seriously!

Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author, www.SparklePresentations.com

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