The Christmas Movie Card

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The Christmas Movie Card

Terri Marie Whitewing created this special three-minute "Christmas Movie Card" complete with her own music playing in the background to touching photos and statements.

The message within the movie is meant to warm the heart.

The Story Behind the Card
Because of all the moving I’ve done the past several years (5 moves in 5 years)  I just didn’t feel like decorating much for the holidays if it meant looking at one more box. One day the message on the song for the movie came through loud and clear. "Christmas is something you carry in your heart. It’s always here when you feel it."
As a reminder when we get stressed out over the holiday Preparations, Decorations, and other such ‘rations, just remember… the Christmas Spirit comes in quietly – softly entering any moment of pure love.
Here is a gift of love to you for every holy day that you live.
Let’s spread the Christmas Spirit around the world.

It’s always Christmas inside a warm heart.
Copyright 2008 White Wing Entertainment

Terri Marie Whitewing is a contributor to the "Heart of the Holidays" book by Sheryl Roush, with her story and poem, "A New Christmas Song? There’s a Reindeer in My Gate" based on a true story.

Father’s Day Movie Greeting Card

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Father’s Day Movie Greeting Card

This touching tribute to fathers is created by Heart of the Holidays book contributor, Terri Marie Whitewing, of White Wing Entertainment.

Thank You Fathers

She invites you to pass this along as an electronic greeting card.

From my heart to yours,
Sheryl Roush

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