MUSIC VIDEO: Take Me Back To The Fifties

This  is a nostalgic MUST for those who grew up in the 50’s!!!

Comic Books, James Dean at the Drive-in Movies, the furnishings, 45s and LPs on the Hi-Fi, B&W TV sets, favorite TV Shows, 3D movies, Nehi soda, Bazooka bubble gum, A&W Drive-Ins, milk bottle deliveries, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Ant Farms, Sock Hops, 57 Chevy cars, Burma-Shave billboard signs, Dairy Queen, Elvis and Rock n’ Roll, Buddy Holley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson…

Here’s a cute video that reviews memories of the fifties.
Just sit back  it runs itself. Turn on the sound. Enjoy.
Take Me Back To The Fifties