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TIPS: Getting Over the Hump: Changes!

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Getting Over the Hump: Changes!

"The key to overcoming any challenge
is to empower yourself through the event."

– Betty LaMarr

Changes, changes, it seems that everywhere we look things seem to be unpredictable and uncontrollable. How can you maintain your power with so many changes?

Today everyone faces challenges in business and in life. And even positive experiences such as getting a promotion or a new business relationship can present you with challenges. For example, a new position brings new responsibilities and sometimes new headaches.

The key to overcoming any challenge is to empower yourself through the event. In fact, life’s challenges and adversities can be one of the most inspiring, creative and resourceful periods of your life, if you take the steps to focus on the positive and not the negative.

Unfortunately, most people have a predisposition to emotions that dictate how they react to challenges, changes and transitions. And the majority of times these emotions are not positive. Often, they are based on resistance and fear, and they put people in the position of reacting and not responding in a way to manage the situation.

The following tips will help you gain the confidence to face many challenges head on and turn them around into opportunities.

Remember it is not about you.
Most businesses lay off based on certain financial targets and commitments they have made to the shareholders, bankers, and/or Board of Directors. Just remember “it is business, not personal.” Don’t judge yourself as unworthy or a victim because you weren’t selected. This may be the chance you have been waiting for to do what you always wanted to do.

Allow yourself to take this time to create the vision you want for your work. Think about ways you can apply your acquired skills in another environment. Revisit how your skills were under utilized in your old position.  

Focus on the road ahead. 
This transition might just be offering you one of life’s natural and periodic times of a needed readjustment and renewed commitment. Continue to explore and reinvent yourself to fit the needs of your desired outcome.  Keep your eyes on the “possibilities,” there are many!  See the job transition as a new beginning.

Betty LaMarr, international speaker and author is President of Nadisa Associates an executive coaching and consulting business. She supports leaders and business owners to assess developmental opportunities in their organizations to accelerate change in people and profits. For more information:

SciFi Channel’s Visions for Tomorrow

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Visions for Tomorrow brings together leaders in science, technology, art, architecture, education and policy to champion a fresh and hopeful outlook on the future and to advance the idea that individuals can affect significant and positive change.

Recognizing the rapid pace at which yesterday’s science fiction is becoming today’s and tomorrow’s science fact, SCI FI Channel has launched a new public affairs initiative, Visions for Tomorrow, to inspire individuals, organizations, corporations and policymakers to meet the growing challenges of the future.

With the prevalence of war and global terrorism, the increasing frequency of natural disasters, and the impact of overpopulation and environmental degradation, there is growing public concern over our ability to solve these seemingly intractable problems. To address these powerful challenges, SCI FI believes the world needs — now more than ever — an optimistic vision of the future.

Through on-air public service announcements, off-channel symposia, Web sites, educational curricula and advocacy-based public affairs efforts, SCI FI is heralding a bold, new optimistic vision for tomorrow.

Visions for Tomorrow will:

SUPPORT local, state and national programs that spur entrepreneurship and innovation.

CHAMPION the notion that individuals can have a significant, positive impact on humankind.

INVESTIGATE an anthology of ideas for improving life on Earth.

FOSTER an environment for educators and students to create innovative ways to improve the quality of life in their communities or to enhance the well-being of people in general.

INCREASE the chances for individuals to meet the challenges of the future.

SCI FI Channel is a television network where “what if” is what’s on.
SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 86 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies.

National Geographic’s Green Guide

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Here’s an easy way to go green with National Geographic’s new Green Guide. The Green Guide makes living in an  environmentally-aware way easy, understandable and practical. 

Check it out by going to:

It’s not political or activist, but it is chock-full of simple, useful ideas, broken down into achievable steps, that make going green a gradual and affordable process, rather than an all-or-nothing plunge.

Make small changes that add up to big benefits for your wallet, your health and the planet. Subscribe for yourself; and get some subscriptions as gifts to share what you love this year:

It’s a great magazine full of…

  • Reviews of eco-friendly products
  • Money-saving shopping tips
  • Green home improvement how-to’s
  • 100 pages delivered four times a year, and much more.

Positive Thinking: When You Feel Negative

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Positive Thinking: When You Feel Negative

Relating to the Negative
The Danger of Repression

For the last several years, there has been a lot of focus on the power of positive thinking. Many people have come to misinterpret this wisdom to mean that it is not okay to have a bad mood or a negative thought or feeling. This can lend a kind of superficiality to their relationship with life and relationships with other people. It can also lead them to feel that if a negative thought or feeling comes up, in themselves or someone else, they must immediately block it out. When they do this, they are engaging in the act of repressing a part of themselves that needs to seen, heard, and processed.

When we repress parts of ourselves, they don’t go away so much as they get buried deep within us, and they often come out when we least expect it. On the other hand, if we allow ourselves to be fully human, honoring all the thoughts, feelings, and moods that pass through us on a given day, we create a more conscious relationship with ourselves. Instead of blocking out thoughts and feelings that we label as negative, we can simply observe them and then let them go. They only get stuck when we react to them negatively, pushing them down and out of sight where they get lodged in our unconscious minds. A healthier solution might be to develop a practice of following any negative thought we may have with a positive thought. This works well because positive thoughts are many times more powerful than negative thoughts.

Rather than setting our minds up in such a way that we become fearful of the contents of our own consciousness, blocking out anything that is less than 100 percent positive, we might resolve to develop a friendlier attitude toward ourselves, trusting in our inherent goodness. When we recognize our true inner worth, a few dark clouds passing through our minds will not intimidate us. We will see them for what they are—small, dark figures passing through an expansive sky of well-being and truth.

Time to Lighten-Up!

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Time to Lighten-Up!

Most people are so stressed today, doing our best to keep up with things, paying bills, handling tasks, taking ourselves too seriously. Too often we forget to take time, smell the roses, get outside and away from the computer, enjoy sunshine in our face, get off the cell phone, and just “be” or find the little joys every day. This serious of “stress” is the top killer today in our culture.

“A merry heart does a spirit good.” Children laugh at everything!  The average four-year-old laughs about 500 times each day… and their giggles are contagious! The average adult laughs only 10-15 times a day!

Research indicates that 15 minutes of belly-laughing a day gives the same stress-reducing effects as 6-8 hours of meditation, prayer or SLEEP!  Laughter is inner-jogging, or massage for the heart – lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, increasing creativity and problem-solving, creating better cooperation between people and improved safety. How can we lighten up?

Entertain yourself.
Put on funny or crazy slippers first thing in the morning, giggling when you put them on.
Notice the silly things YOU do throughout the day.
Wear something outrageous and out-of-style, (a hat, funny socks, cartoon bandages, silly panties) just because.
Take photos of you with your closest friends, pets or family, and have them on your desk at the office.

Be entertained.
Sit back and observe your pet… their nature, the funny little things they do which are cute.
Laugh at others, lovingly, observing absurd things people do.
Look at signs posted, how funny they read.
Next time your spouse does something that bothers you, pull back and find the humor in it instead.

Life is too short – to take it too seriously!

Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author,


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by Tricia Greaves, Speaker


How many times has he forgiven you for your mistakes? Are  you able to forgive him with the same readiness and willingness? We are quick  to assume that our ditzy transgressions (misplacing our keys, forgetting to close the garage door, sending the credit card payment in late, never closing  the shower curtain all the way) is cute. So we’re a little distracted, so  what?? WE can giggle about it, why can’t HE? Yet when he pulls his own version doing things that we think he ought to know better than to do, we get  irritated and snippy. We hope that our stern, disapproving demeanor will help  him realize the error of his ways and that perhaps, finally, he’ll straighten up and fly right. If we don’t teach him a lesson, who will? Hint: it’s time to  learn to forgive AND to forget! You punishing and controlling nature won’t ever  help a relationship heal, so it’s time to take a deep breath and. GET OFF IT!

We all do it. We spend countless hours imagining that if  only we had a man, we’d be happy. Then, by hook or by crook, we get him and  TA-DA! We’re still not happy. Then we decide that if only he would do better,  look better, be more attentive, then we’d be happy. So we spend the next several decades trying to get him to do rightso we’ll be happy. The truth is  that it’s not another’s job to make us happy. And if you’re pining over having a relationship that you don’t yet have, you’d better check your motives for  wanting one. If it’s because you believe it will make you happy, it won’t. Unless you’re already happy. It occurred to me one day many years ago, that if  I can’t stand my own company (hence emotionally eating to distract myself from me) why should I force another person to be with me? I need to do whatever it  takes to be comfortable with myself before bringing someone else into my world. If you’re already married – please – search within yourself for the true source of your unhappiness and do everything you can to heal. It’s not his fault if  you’re unhappy. Chances are you were unhappy long before you met him. Be honest  about it! 

The human mind (ego) is incessantly dissatisfied with what is. We always wish for something different. We assume that we’ve somehow messed up and should have done a better job choosing our mates. The proverbial “grass  is greener” on the other side of the fence and somehow the traits of our friends’ mates seem more charming than those of our own. The fact is that you probably didn’t choose wrong. God knew just what he was doing and you have plenty of growth opportunities right where you are (it is all about growth, not  happiness, after all). If you will concentrate on the good things about your spouse that are right in front of you, instead of fantasizing about the traits you wish he had (and certainly never will have if you keep disapproving him), you will be a happier person, and a much more enjoyable spouse.

Feminine Power Card Deck of Women’s Wisdom

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Feminine Power Card Deck of Women’s Wisdom

Ever get "stuck" and need some instant guidance?

Heart of a Woman book contributor, Laura Rubinstein, Master Leadership Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, has published her feminine wisdom in a deck called Feminine Power Cards as a valuable resource for those times when you need answers, you’re unsure where to turn and your mind keeps going round and round.

Each card has a gentle reminder, question or process for tapping deeper into your own authentic core. You will be able to uncover your truth, shift your energy and align yourself to attract your highest intentions.
“I love these cards. They are like having your own relationship coach in your pocket.” 
– John Gray, PhD, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

The deck contains 54 beautifully marbled cards and comes packaged in an elegant pink organza bag. Perfect for taking along to your next lunch with a girlfriend. Host a party and play games. The "Ways to Play" e-book is also included. Go to <>

February is Heart Health Month

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February is Heart Health Month.

Cardiovascular disease is among the top causes of death worldwide. With hereditary health problems, along with a rampant epidemic of poor eating habits and inactivity, it’s no wonder. Still, the statistics are staggering: 17 million people die annually due to cardiovascular disease.
-USANA Health

Chinese Proverb: Peace in the World

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Chinese Proverb: Peace in the World

If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person.
If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house.
If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.
~Chinese Proverb

Valentine’s Messages

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Valentine’s Messages

Give with your whole heart, even if your judgment is we are not getting enough in return. Our struggle is to not take everything personally (that’s ego). When we do our part, the energy comes back to us – always. If not from the receiver, than from someone else. Positive seeds produce positive fruits. This is an immutable law. And remember, sharing is not only a physical thing. Making room in your heart for others and acknowledging that you are not the only person in the world who wants to be fulfilled, can be the best gift to give to your loved ones – and to yourself.

– Yehuda Berg
(The Daily Tune-Up)

Sparkle-Tude: Keeping a Goal-Focused Sparkling Attitude

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Sparkle-Tude: Keeping a Goal-Focused Sparkling Attitude
by Sheryl Roush

  1.  Keep your self-talk positive, proactive and affirming.
  2.  Make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want,
      not just something that sounds good.
  3.  Write your goal in first-person “I am” or “I have” as already
      having achieved it.
  4.  Add feelings to your goal statement. (“I am excited about…”)
  5.  Ensure your goals are not in contradiction to any of your other goals.
  6.  Write your goal out in specific detail
       (numbers, target date, locations, size, pounds dropped, dollar amount).
  7.  Make your goal high enough, and know that you are deserving of it.
  8.  Treasure Map your goal with inspiring visual images in front of you.
  9.  Read your goal OUT LOUD each morning when you wake up,
      visualizing/feeling the completed goal (including smells, sights,
      sounds, feelings, tastes).
10.  Read your goal OUT LOUD each evening right before you go to bed,
      visualizing/feeling the completed goal (including smells, sights, sounds,
      feelings, tastes).
11.  Create a target (realistic) timeline for the goal, with a step-by-step plan.
12.  Set incremental benchmarks and highlight them on your calendar.
13.  Surround yourself with supportive, positive goal-setting people.
14.  Re-View, Re-Evaluate and Re-Write Regularly (every 3-6 months).
15.  Look for unexpected opportunities, unusual happenings that could
      relate to your goals, as these may be incredible and perfect opportunities
      in disguise.
16.  Reward yourself for taking incremental steps toward achieving
      your goal.
17.  Plan a celebration date of completion, announcing the party date
      to your friends.

Every time you make a decision during the day, ask yourself:
• "Does this take me closer to–or further from–my goal?"
• “Is this a distraction from–or attraction to–my goal?”
• “What is the NEXT most important thing to do?”
• “Is this my highest priority right now?”

My Goal: “I am/have_______________________________________________________________."

"Sparkle-Tude!" is Trademark protected by Sheryl L. Roush, Sparkle Presentations, Inc.
Sheryl Roush is an internationally top-rated trainer and in-demand keynote presenter, inspiring organizations and staff to bring their heart to work. Visit for availability and topics including communication skills, boosting attitude and creating positive work environments for enhanced teamwork, cooperation and productivity.

39 Tips for an Exceptional, Superb & Powerful Life!

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39 Tips for an Exceptional, Superb & Powerful Life!

1.) Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.

2.) Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.  Buy a lock for the door if you have to.

3.) Buy a Tivo (DVR),  tape your late night shows and  get more sleep.

4.) When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, ‘My purpose is to________ today. Live with the 3 E’s  — Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.

5.) Watch more movies, play more games and read more books than you did last year.

6.) Always pray and make time to exercise.

7.) Spend  more time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of  Six.

8.) Dream more while you are awake.
9.)  Eat more foods that grow on  trees and plants and eat less foods that are manufactured in plants.

10.)  Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli, and munch on raw almonds.

11.) Try to make at least  three people smile each day.

12.) Clear your clutter from your house, your car, your desk and let new and flowing energy into your life.

13.) Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead, invest your energy in the positive present moment.

14.) Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like Algebra class …….but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

15.) Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.

16.) Smile and laugh more.

17.) Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

18.) Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

19.) Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

20.) You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

21.) Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

22.) Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

23.) Go on and burn those ‘special’ scented candles, use the 600 thread count sheets, the good China and wear your fancy lingerie now. Stop waiting for a special occasion.  Everyday is special.

24.) No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

25.) Frame every so-called disaster with these words:  ‘In five years, will this matter?’

26.) Forgive everyone for everything.

27.) What other people think of you is none of your business.

28.) Time heals almost everything. Give time, time!

29.) However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

30.) Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will.  Stay in touch with  them.

31.) Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

32.) Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need. God provides, remember?!

33.) The best is yet to come. (in Heaven) 
34.)  No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

35.) Do the right thing!

36.) Call your family often.

37.) Each night  before you go to bed complete the following statements: ‘I am thankful for  __________.’
Today I accomplished _________.

38.) Remember that  you are too blessed to be stressed.

39.) Enjoy the ride. Remember  that this is not Disney World and you certainly don’t want a fast pass.  You only have one ride through life so make the most of it and enjoy the  ride.


Attitude Follows Perspective

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Attitude Follows Perspective
Shifting The Mood

We all have days when we are faced with chores, errands, or responsibilities that we don’t want to do. At times like these, it’s easy to get into a bad mood and stay in one as we tackle these tasks. However, given the fact that our bad mood will not change the fact that we have to do these things, and will most likely make things worse, we could also try to shift our attitude. Many wise people have pointed out that it is not so much what we do as it is how we do it that makes the difference in our lives.

It’s important when we’re facing something that’s really hard for us, whether it’s doing taxes, paying bills, or visiting a challenging relative, that we lovingly support ourselves through the process. The more supported we feel, the easier it is to open our minds to the idea that we could change our way of looking at the situation. In truth, most of the chores we don’t like doing are intimately intertwined with our blessings. When we remember this, we feel gratitude, which makes it hard to stay in a dark mood.

We can shift our attitude by considering how much we love our home as we clean it and how lucky we are to have a roof over our head. Any task can be transformed from a burden to a necessary aspect of caring for something we love. All we have to do is shift our perspective, and our attitude follows shortly behind.

Holiday Gifts Educating AIDS Orphans in Africa

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Educating the Children
Some years ago, I stopped sending holiday greeting cards and most corporate gifts. The budget for these items has been re-purposed (has a nice ring to it) and is now being used to educate AIDS orphans in Africa. An annual gift of $25 provides — you won’t believe this but it’s true — tuition, shoes, books and a uniform for 1 student. Your cards and presents have become educational tools. Thanks.
-John Reddish, Advent Management Int’l.

There are NUMEROUS SITES posted on Google – pick and choose how YOU would like to participate. I Googled "AIDS orphans in Africa" and there were 1,370,000 links.
-Sheryl Roush, Heart Book Series site administrator

Breathing in the New Year

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Breathing in the New Year

According to Joseph Sweeney of Erie Massage Therapy in Erie, Colorado, one of the easiest things you can do for the New Year in taking care of your body, is to stretch your muscles frequently, stand up from the computer keyboard,  go for short walks outside and get fresh air, and practice breathing exercises.

One of the exercises is to inhale deeply through the nose to the count of six and exhale in out the mouth to the count of four (since it’s faster and more complete). Another tip is to TIGHTEN UP all your muscles on the INHALE, and RELEASE all your muscles on the EXHALE… isometric muscle contraction methods. Immediate benefits to you is instant relief and deeper relaxation, as well as increased muscle regeneration. "These exercises help you to get your muscles into a full and relaxed state" Sweeney comments.

You Are Beautiful: Seeing Ourselves

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You Are Beautiful: Seeing Ourselves

Many of us do not take the time to notice and acknowledge how beautiful we are as humans. We may be great lovers of beauty, seeing it in the people, places, and things around us, while completely missing it in ourselves. Some of us feel that it is vain to consider our appearance too much, or we may find that when we look at ourselves, all we see are imperfections. Often we come to the mirror with expectations and preconceived notions about beauty that blind us from seeing ourselves clearly. As a result, we miss the beauty that is closest to us, the beauty we are. Sometimes we see our beauty in a shallow way, noticing how well we are conforming to social norms, but failing to see the deeper beauty that shines out from within and that will continue to shine regardless of how we measure up to society’s ideal.

If we can cut through all these obstacles and simply appreciate how beautiful we are, we free up so much energy. We also become less dependent upon the opinions and feedback of others since we become our own greatest admirers. Many of us know that after a great yoga practice or a long, deep meditation, we are more able to see how beautiful we are. This is because we have released some of our baggage, thus unburdening ourselves and summoning forth the spirit that dwells within us. It is the heady combination of the divine spirit and the human body that conveys beauty more accurately than anything else.

To keep ourselves in touch with our own beauty, we can surround ourselves with images that reflect our beauty back to us—photos of a relative or child who has our eyes, images of teachers who embody spirit, or self-portraits that capture our essence in a way that allows us to see ourselves anew. The best way to keep ourselves in touch with our own beauty is to keep looking deeply into our own souls and opening our eyes to the human being we see in the mirror every day.

10 Loving New Year’s Resolutions

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Let’s face it. We all make ’em, then we break ’em. That’s life! But mostly it’s because we set unrealistic ones. We’re going to lose that 10 or 20lbs that we’ve been hanging onto for the last five years! We’ll exercise more often. We’re going to change jobs, change our relationships, change habits. Aren’t we?
So here are 10 resolutions to think about…

  1. I will take better care of myself in whatever form that takes. It doesn’t have to be in large leaps. Small steps are enough.
  2. I will say NO more often and know that I’m being kind to myself.
  3. I will write a Gratitude Journal every night and give thanks for all the good things in my life.
  4. I will stop making excuses and start taking actions no matter how big or small.
  5. I will acknowledge the place in me that feels small and vulnerable and honor it with compassion.
  6. I will not apologize for my existence any longer. I’m too old for that.
  7. I will say THANK YOU when someone gives me a compliment without giving a story about why I don’t deserve it.
  8. I will treat myself once a week to at least two hours of alone time.
  9. I will acknowledge my fears, but assume I already have the courage to confront them.
  10. I will find someone to support me in my changes that will hold me accountable so I can truly step into being FEARLESS.

Jacqueline Wales, Fearless Fifties womens’ retreat facilitator and coach, Author of When the Crow Sings,

Starting New: A Moment of Choice

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Starting New: A Moment Of Choice

There are times in our lives that lend themselves to starting something new. The beginning of a new year, finishing school, leaving a job, or changing homes—these all are times that turn our minds to fresh starts. Their advantage is that they bring with them the energy of that event, creating a tide of change around them that we can ride to our next shoreline. But we can choose to start anew anytime. In any moment we can decide that a bad day or a relationship that’s gotten off on the wrong foot can be started again. It is a mental shift that allows us to clean the slate and approach anything with fresh eyes, and we can make that choice at any time.

Starting new is most powerful when we focus our attention to what we are choosing to create. Giving all of our attention to the unwanted aspects of our lives allows what we resist to persist. We need to remember to leave enough room in the process of new beginnings to be kind to ourselves, because it takes time to become accustomed to anything new, no matter how much we like it. There is no need to get down on ourselves if we don’t reach our new goals instantly. Instead, we acknowledge the forward motion and choose to reset and start again, knowing that with each choice we learn, grow, and move forward.

Making the choice to start anew has its own energy—it’s a promise made to you. The forward momentum creates a sort of vacuum behind it, pulling toward you all you need to help you continue moving in your chosen direction. Once the journey has begun, it may take unexpected turns, but it never really ends. Like cycles in nature, there are periods of obvious growth and periods of dormancy that signal a time of waiting for the right moment to burst forth. Each time we choose to start anew we dedicate ourselves to becoming the best we are able to be.

New Year’s Introspection

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January 1, 2008
Insightful Introspection

You may feel introspective today, with a desire for deeper insights about yourself. You may be trying to understand the origins of your desires, overcome limiting behaviors, or seek a better understanding of your motivations.

One of the best ways to feel more connected with your inner wisdom is to spend some quiet time alone in meditation. Simply find a quiet, private place where you won’t be disturbed and focus on releasing any worries or tension from your mind and body. When you feel completely relaxed, turn your attention inward and connect with your inner guidance. In this peaceful silence, you can ask specific questions, or allow insights and hunches to come naturally.

Connecting with our inner wisdom provides the insights and answers we seek in order to live more productive lives. Though we often feel that we know ourselves completely, we can still find ourselves stuck in destructive behaviors or limiting patterns. By taking time to connect more deeply with our inner selves, we tap into a consistent flow of knowledge, insight, and enlightenment that is available to us at any time.

As we connect with this spiritual wisdom, we gain a clearer understanding of our actions, and we can work on dissolving inner blockages and obstacles that may keep us feeling stuck. Our journey through life then becomes focused and productive, as we create lives that fulfill us on a spiritual level. The answers and insights you seek today can be found by tuning into the deepest and wisest part of your inner self.

New Year’s Resolutions: Attracting Your Soulmate

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New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas of 2005 I was feeling depressed. All of my younger siblings were scattered around the country celebrating the holidays with their spouse’s families. I, on the other hand, did not have a spouse. I had nowhere to go. I was single and alone, 3000 miles away from “home.”

Being the oldest of five children I always had lots of family around me. But this year was the exception to the rule. As I watched from a distance as my siblings created their own lineages, a friend took pity and invited me to spend the holidays with his relatives. As kind as that was, I found myself feeling even more lonely. As I adjusted to adopting someone else’s kin on Christmas Eve, a spark all of a sudden flickered inside of me.  I realized that, more than any other goal in my life, I wanted a family.

I had been living in Los Angeles for 14 years, a town where youth is a top priority. Seasons don’t change and neither do the faces of its inhabitants. Despite the heat, it is a city where time appears to be frozen. And yet, it is a fallacy. Time still marches on. I couldn’t believe that I was 35. For heaven’s sake, I still felt 25! I didn’t comprehend that the years were passing until I would visit with my growing nieces and nephews. It is in children’s faces that the years fly by.

Sitting by the Christmas tree, surrounded by someone else’s family, only served to feed the flame of discontent growing inside of me. I had enough. As fun and exciting as my single life had been, I was ready for the next step. I had done everything I had come to LA to do, and wanted the next adventure. I was over not having to be responsible for anything or anyone. I was actually bored with myself. I was ready to commit to a new future. Yes, finally, I was ready to find my husband and get married.

I had toyed with the idea in the past, but never before had I felt such conviction that now was the time. New Year’s Eve came and, once again, I was saddened to have another holiday pass by with no one to share it with. I sat myself down in the stillness of my empty apartment and wrote out my resolutions for the year.

With conviction and full intent I declared that 2006 was the year that I would meet and marry my soulmate! I wrote out a detailed list of what it was that I wanted to create for my future. I also devised a plan of how I was going to manifest my desires. This affirmation set that little flame ablaze and I was propelled into action.

I started to clear out everything from my past that might be perceived as an obstacle blocking me from being seen by my soulmate. I was determined to be the best that I could be so that I would attract the best man for my greatest Self. I had been practicing The Law of Attraction for about 8 years and I knew that if I wanted to create an extraordinary man than I would have to BE an extraordinary woman.

I knew that The Law of Attraction worked because I had created an exceptional life so far. I had all sorts of remarkable experiences in my work and traveling the world, although they had mostly been sole ventures. Now, I knew that it was time to focus my attention on designing my life partner. For I knew he was out there looking for me, just as much as I was looking for him.

After begrudgingly checking out online dating sites a few months earlier, I decided to revisit the web with a new attitude and responded to three prospects. I told all three that I “didn’t do email’ and if they’d like to talk they could call me.  On January 5th, 2006, he called. It was only five days after I had written my New Year’s resolutions. He had just returned home from the holiday celebration of Paramahansa Yogananda’s birthday at his church when he received my email. He too had been feeling lonely over the holidays, wondering when I was to come into his life, and moved himself into action to go out and find me.

He drove up from San Diego for our first date on January 6th. There was an instant connection and recognition. For our second date he flew up to San Francisco, where I was working for the week, to take me out to dinner. We knew right away it was meant to be. 

We were engaged by Easter and married in August. It only took me seven months to accomplish my New Year’s goals. We traveled to nine countries together in the year and spent each and every holiday together. The secret to my success was The Law of Attraction. Now, I am getting ready to start to manifest my next goal… a family. 

I now know that my holidays will be lonely no more. New Year’s resolutions can be very powerful if you hold a strong intention, and next year it is my intention to hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around the tree on Christmas morning.

— Karen Kripalani, Relationship and Life Coach, Author  of  “The Secret of How To Attract Your Soulmate and Get Married Within a Year,” 


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