Let’s face it. We all make ’em, then we break ’em. That’s life! But mostly it’s because we set unrealistic ones. We’re going to lose that 10 or 20lbs that we’ve been hanging onto for the last five years! We’ll exercise more often. We’re going to change jobs, change our relationships, change habits. Aren’t we?
So here are 10 resolutions to think about…

  1. I will take better care of myself in whatever form that takes. It doesn’t have to be in large leaps. Small steps are enough.
  2. I will say NO more often and know that I’m being kind to myself.
  3. I will write a Gratitude Journal every night and give thanks for all the good things in my life.
  4. I will stop making excuses and start taking actions no matter how big or small.
  5. I will acknowledge the place in me that feels small and vulnerable and honor it with compassion.
  6. I will not apologize for my existence any longer. I’m too old for that.
  7. I will say THANK YOU when someone gives me a compliment without giving a story about why I don’t deserve it.
  8. I will treat myself once a week to at least two hours of alone time.
  9. I will acknowledge my fears, but assume I already have the courage to confront them.
  10. I will find someone to support me in my changes that will hold me accountable so I can truly step into being FEARLESS.

Jacqueline Wales, Fearless Fifties womens’ retreat facilitator and coach, Author of When the Crow Sings,