I served 14 years in the US Air Force and it was a great way of life. I worked with nuclear weapons, but I never had to face battle. Sometimes, when you don’t work the front lines, you don’t feel important… but everyone in the service is important from Chow Hall Cooks to Admin Troops.

Freedom is NOT FREE. There is a price.

I thank God I am here to raise my children and I know there are hundreds this year that did not make it home and millions since the start of our country that did not make it home to support their families.

Thank you God for our great nation and the courageous men and women that fight for our Freedom every day!

-Major Mom
Angela Cody-Rouget

Angela Cody-Rouget, Major, USAF Veteran

Editor’s note: Angela’s stories:
"Good Leaders Are Good Followers"
"Stenographer Sends Enemy Communication" a tribute to Loretta Cohn, Stenographer, 2 Lt. Women’s Army Air Corp (WAAC) are published in the Veterans Day release of Heart of a Military Woman, by co-authors Sheryl Roush and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez.


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