Borders-Brea Features Heart Book Reading May 9

Southern Californian residents Becky Palmer, Sandra Nash, Maria Carter, Seth Sherwood and Sheryl Roush were featured at BORDERS-Brea location on Friday, May 9, 2008, reading in English and Spanish for shoppers on the Mother’s Day weekend.

The skilled readers showcased their original stories, poems and humorous quips from the Heart of a Mother, Heart of a Woman, Heart of the Holidays, and Corazón de Mujer gift books.

Seth Sherwood both read in Spanish, and eloquently translated his readings into Spanish.

Maria Carter touched listeners with her patriotic story, entitled, Heart of a Marine’s Mother, then shared that her soon, Nic, had just been recalled for her second tour to Iraq, only two weeks earlier.

Shown, Sandra Nash reading lovely selections to the listeners.

In the audience enjoying the readings included guest shoppers, Sherri Elgas of Cookie Lee Jewelry and Lucy Lee of Emblem.