Meet the Contributors: Karen Tate

The new Heart of a Woman in Business book, authored by Sheryl Roush, boasts over eighty professional women as contributors, sharing their original short stories, poems, quotations, insights and business tips.

Karen Tate’s contribution appears in the "Fulfilling Your Soul" chapter, with her 7-page article entitled "Women Supporting Women." Her story explains how yes, women ARE wired differently than men, and the ideals of the Sacred Feminine.

Karen Tate is an ordained minister, independent scholar of the Sacred Feminine, twice published author of two books, both of which have been endorsed by the Joseph Campbell Foundation, titled Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations and Walking An Ancient Path. 

Karen has had her passport stamped across five continents as she leads tours to sacred sites that circle the globe.  Sought after speaker and workshop presenter, Tate hosts her own weekly radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, when not being interviewed regularly in all forms of media. She makes her home in Venice, CA with her husband of 25 years, Roy.

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