Rave Reviews for Heart of a Woman in Business book!

First>  Your Heart of a Woman in Business arrived in today’s mail, and of course, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Second>  It is a handsome, eye-catching, compelling book … and that’s just from the outside!  I have already read several excerpts from it, just by quickly leafing through it, and I found it hard to put down.  I haven’t worked full time for a number of years now, Sheryl, and I must say that the little bit I read makes me regret getting out of the rat race and makes me ‘almost’ long to get back into it.  I could identify with many of the first hand experiences some of your authors described.  Thanks for stirring up some great memories of my past working days.
Third>  You’ve got a winner here for sure, my friend.  A lot of people will enjoy this book … not ‘just’ working women.  As a matter of fact, even some business men could gain some worthwhile and needed insight into their female cohorts’ and associates’ thinking. I’m sure it could do a lot of guys a lot of good!
And finally> All success to you, my friend.  You have done a magnificent job!

-Virgina Ellis, www.poetrybyginny.com