Today, the day after Halloween, I "treated" myself to a refreshed hairstyle. Since my stylist, Adele Nizker, does all of my styling, and for my updated author and speaking photos, I "treat" her to a copy of the new books when ready. To boost her spirits, I decided to read a couple of the stories within the crisp, hot-off-the-press pages of Heart of the Holidays.

Being a mother herself, I thought she’d enjoy the light-hearted "Family Circus Christmas" on page 67, by Terri L. Hall from Baltimore, Maryland. We were both laughing away as this mother of 12 (yes, 12 kids) shares this true and hilarious story with a purposeful point. 

To respect Adele’s Jewish beliefs, I selected a story from the chapter on Hanukkah, "The Miracle of Lights" written by Marcia Reynolds, MA, MEd. The second paragraph in, reveals the setting of Russia, which happens to be where Adele is from. As the story and traditions unfolded with detail, Adele was noticeably nodding her head, as she clearly related and was touched at her heart, by the tender words. It was as if she was back in the ‘ol country, reliving her own childhood. It was truly a tender moment, we will both cherish.