New Year’s: Self, Resolve     
Enjoy New Year’s Eve but celebrate New Year’s Day as a time of renewed potential. Mindfully strategize for personal body ~ mind ~ spirit & business success in 2009.
As days lengthen, optimism naturally soars with the increasing daylight and the promise of spring.  This is the PERFECT time to list resolutions galore! Start with, “In a perfect world I would…” and fill in the blanks as far as your mind can wish!
Don’t ask ‘how,’ just state ‘what.’
Now categorize this random list under Body, Mind, Spirit or Business. Expand these lists again. Wow! All that change!? Of course! With one caveat:
Happily, you are always a work in progress! No rush! Rather than embrace the whole list, pick only ONE change under each heading and faithfully incorporate them into your routine for one month. Voila! New habits. Revisit your list and pick a new set of “Resolutions” each month for the full year. This quiet focus assures that you will easily create powerful new behaviors to serve you beautifully throughout your lifetime.
With resolve, 2009 can be the best year of your life! Make it so.
Post-it cue: I Resolve!                                                                          
Re-focus ~ Re-frame ~ Re-gain Self
Put one Post-it on your computer screen, one on your bathroom mirror,
one on your frig and one anywhere else you may spend repeated time during the day.
The act of writing imprints the truth on your mind.
Every time you see your handwriting again, it further imprints your mind.
To increase the value of this process, smile when you see your Post-its.
Smiling signals your mind to increase endorphins and imprint whatever makes you smile.