"Everyone who has received your books has been ecstatic about receiving them. The personal inscriptions were the finishing touch for them!  They were, and still are, so thankful you took the time to write to "them" personally.  Thank you, again!"
-Thomas Kavanaugh

Dear Bev–I got home today at 5:30 to find the most wonderful surprise!  The book is just lovely, and I’ve started taking a peek already. It was nice to see Sheryl’s note, and your dedication to "my sister."  You’ll never know how much I appreciate that sentiment, and it is returned to you in kind. You’ve been important since we were about 19 years old!!  Think of it, and it doesn’t seem possible, does it? Anyway, your a blessing to me, and I’m thankful–which I think would fit with the theme of the little book.  Thank you for it.
Love, Carolyn

These books are wonderful just sitting on the coffee table to grab for a quick moment throughout the day.
Judy Mooney, Canada