In the November 12th interview on "Mornings with Lorri & Friends" Sheryl Roush was asked about the meaning of Winter Solstice, and referred to the Chapter on the topic by Reverend Uki MacIsaac. Hear Sheryl’s reply – click here.

Reverend Uki MacIsaac responded with:
Wow – thank you for mentioning my contribution! I am honored and grateful for your support. You are such a polished inspirational speaker; I admire how smoothly your interview flowed and how much meaning you conveyed.

Like you, I think it’s important that Christians feel comfortable to embrace the sacred ceremonies of other traditions, and you made that point eloquently. Isn’t it interesting that so many Christian holidays have roots in so-called pagan traditions – it’s all one God, one Love, one Light!

Blessings to you for the joy and inspiration you bring to the world,