Published in Heart of a Woman in Business by Sheryl Roush

The Entrepreneur

I used to spend a lot of time trying to impress,
Little did I realize how it added to my stress.

My zealousness for business and my desire to succeed,
Led me at times to stretch the truth, exaggerate, mislead.

Name-dropping, bragging or a little white lie,
It’s harmless I’d say, I must impress, or at least try.

My home is the biggest, I make lots of money,
My spouse the most wonderful, my world is sunny.

Look at me! Look at me! Do you think I’m great?
I’m not quite sure, how do I rate?

Later I’d lament that all was not well,
What in the world was I trying to sell?

It was then that I learned as I worked with my coach,
That perhaps what I needed was an adjusted approach.

Be humble, speak the truth, understate, promise less,
This new way of thinking would be key to success.

As I shifted my focus and turned inward to grow,
I discovered the truth that I had longed to know.

I’m truly enough, just as I am, being me
No exaggeration necessary, WOW, I feel free!

Pat Morgan, Life Coach