The Day After Elections: Today I am an American

Yesterday I was a registered Republican campaigning for a Democrat.
I spent the day walking my neighborhood, working to get out the vote.
During the campaign I spent hours on the phone and worked the rallies.
I placed a bumper sticker on my truck, and a sign in my yard.
I witnessed the best and worst in my fellow Americans.
Their behavior did not fall along party lines, but was split between those who fear and those with hope.
It was the first election where I did more than cast a ballot.
I admire and applaud all of you, win or lose, who worked your tail off for your candidate.
But today is a new day.
I believe it’s time for a new attitude, a different outlook.
Simply saying I belong to one political party doesn’t seem quite big enough.
Starting today, whenever I’m asked about my political affiliation, I will say with pride, I am an American.
I’m not sure what will happen next, but I’m excited about the possibilities.
I intend to be a part of whatever it is, and I hope you feel the same.
I share common ground with those of you who voted for, or worked on behalf of, any of the candidates.
I invite you to use the link below to visit my blog and post a comment of what you think should come next.
Not about what the politicians should do, but what we as individual Americans will do.

Today I am an American
Jerry Gitchel

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