A couple of days before Mother’s Day this year, I took my mother out to dinner and a movie for Mother’s Day, something we don’t often do. Okay, it was third time ever that I can remember. While we waited for the meal to be served, I presented her a copy of the book, which she knew nothing about, nor that I had been working on it. As she opened the wrapping paper, she noticed it was a book, then the title, Heart of a Mother. I invited her to open it to the Acknowledgements page, where she (and my father) was mentioned. Then drew her attention to additional pages where my writings her tributes to her, and her mother. She was deeply, authentically touched. The conversations following were quality conversations about things that matter in life, at the heart of the matter. Since the presentation of this book, healing has occurred between my mother and me, and our entire relationship has dramatically improved. I now have the mother I’ve always wanted. – Sheryl Roush