Being in the printing industry for over 30 years now, I have watched how the delivery from massive printing change to high-tech delivery through email, PDF files, and the Internet… all good changes. WE NEED TO. It’s our Mother Earth – and our HOME!  It brings joy to my heart when there are alternatives at our finger-tips to SAVE THE PLANET.  It’s TIME for utilizing those alternatives!

Yes, in spite that I’d really love to (selfishly) have a bright yellow Saturn SKY sportscar, my next car will be a HYBRID instead. Smaller cars, less fuel consumption. If you need an SUV – get the new cross-over Hybrids. We all need to think ahead… to our future… our childrens’ future… even 5-10-50 years from today. Will we HAVE the resources we need to sustain our lives? We’re in this TOGETHER!

The greatest gift–the most touching gift–someone can give me today, as my mother did for Christmas this year, is the gift of a TREE planted. We need our trees – to live and breathe. Granted, we’re not in a paperless society, yet. There ARE numerous things that you and I CAN do now to support the planet’s resources.

What does "recycling" have to do with "Heart" and "Heart Books?" The Heart is the Core; for people it’s the central vital organ, and the passion for life; the Heart of our planet is a living being, Ghia, Mother Earth. Just as we need nurturing, so does she. Just as we need support, so does she. Just as we need love, so does she.

This is the FIRST article on this blogsite regarding this crucial need for Recycling.
JOIN IN. Write your articles, leave your comments, offer tips, website links, resources and ideas — after all — it IS "our" home!

Sheryl Roush, Sparkle Presentations, Inc., Speaker, Author of over 10 books