Sheryl Roush Interview for Women on Achieve Radio Show

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Achieve Radio Show Hostess Jacqueline Wales Interviews Author Sheryl Roush

Jacqueline Wales hosted guest Sheryl Roush on her weekly one-hour Achieve Radio Show on Sunday, September 14th, offering tips to listeners to be more courageous in their lives, becoming more fearless and authentic. Owner, author and speaker of Fearless Fifties, Jacqueline was a gracious and knowledgeable radio show host for the program, having "dialogue" with Sheryl and shared experiences with encouragement and suggestions.

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Sheryl Roush to Guest on Fearless Fifties Achieve Radio Show

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Sheryl Roush to Guest on Fearless Fifties Achieve Radio Show

Sunday, September 14, Fearless Fifties hosts 12-time author and international speaker Sheryl Roush.

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Fearless and just turned Fifty, Sheryl just released her new book this week, Heart of a Woman in Business.

An eight-time entrepreneur since age 16, she knows a thing or two about overcoming fears–keeping the faith–and keeping a positive attitude. From competing in men’s sports since age 8, to replacing men in corporate positions at age 20, and succeeding in traditionally male-dominated industries and organizations. Fearless (today) in public speaking, she cried her first three speeches in Toastmasters twenty years ago. She is honored by Toastmasters as only the 3rd woman in the world, out of 4 million people in 93 countries to receive their elite Accredited Speaker designation for outstanding professional speaking skills.

Last month, Sheryl was called with two weeks notice to replace a speaker on an International Convention program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Passport and PowerPoint in hand, she wow’ed audiences from around the globe, had the largest attendee and highest rated program at the 4-day event. She is considered one of the best “authenticity” speaking coaches in North America, and has coached Olympians to tell their medal-winning stories.

President and CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, California, Sheryl helps others bring out their brilliance. Organizations hire Sheryl to rekindle the spirit, raise the bar and create excitement, from creating positive work environments to enhancing communication skills, and boosting morale and cooperation. Some of her clients include: 7-Up; IBM; Sheraton; Stampin’ Up!; Sony, the Women in Publishing Society, Hong Kong; Union Bank; US Census Bureau; Womens’ Council of Realtors; Women in Business Symposiums; and the Zoological Society of San Diego.

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10 Loving New Year’s Resolutions

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Let’s face it. We all make ’em, then we break ’em. That’s life! But mostly it’s because we set unrealistic ones. We’re going to lose that 10 or 20lbs that we’ve been hanging onto for the last five years! We’ll exercise more often. We’re going to change jobs, change our relationships, change habits. Aren’t we?
So here are 10 resolutions to think about…

  1. I will take better care of myself in whatever form that takes. It doesn’t have to be in large leaps. Small steps are enough.
  2. I will say NO more often and know that I’m being kind to myself.
  3. I will write a Gratitude Journal every night and give thanks for all the good things in my life.
  4. I will stop making excuses and start taking actions no matter how big or small.
  5. I will acknowledge the place in me that feels small and vulnerable and honor it with compassion.
  6. I will not apologize for my existence any longer. I’m too old for that.
  7. I will say THANK YOU when someone gives me a compliment without giving a story about why I don’t deserve it.
  8. I will treat myself once a week to at least two hours of alone time.
  9. I will acknowledge my fears, but assume I already have the courage to confront them.
  10. I will find someone to support me in my changes that will hold me accountable so I can truly step into being FEARLESS.

Jacqueline Wales, Fearless Fifties womens’ retreat facilitator and coach, Author of When the Crow Sings,

Surviving the Holidays

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Surviving the Holidays
by Jacqueline Wales

We are all gearing up for the Holiday Season, and since many of us love it and maybe just as many hate it, I’d like to offer you my five top tips for getting through the chaos without losing your mind.

  1. You are not the GIFTS you give. YOU ARE THE GIFT. Remember to treat it with respect.
  2. You don’t have to accept every party invitation that comes your way. People will love you anyway.
  3. Gift giving is not a competitive sport. If you receive something, you don’t have to give one back, especially if it means going into debt to do so.
  4. When the hurly-burly sets in……Remember to Breathe
  5. If you so desire….. be a BAH HUMBUG! The party will continue anyway.


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