VoiceOfSuccessJoni Wilson, The Voice of Success, shares tips from her new book on how women can speak with power and persuasion.

Joni will be presenting Speaking Skills and Voice Workshop with Sheryl Roush on September 26, 2009, 9am to 4pm in San Diego.

A FUN, INTERACTIVE & VALUE-PACKED DAY Communication skills are critical to your self-esteem, professional worth and financial future!


  • Public speaking, training, sales and presentation skills
  • Voice, projection, diction, assertiveness, voice image, dialect
  • Speak to promote your business, product, services or your cause

At the workshop you will learn tips to:

  • Shine on the telephone and in person
  • Handle your emotions calmly under pressure
  • Demonstrate credible body language
  • Build rapport instantly with others
  • Design and deliver PowerPoint with professionalism and confidence!

I know both these women personally and know you’ll learn a great deal about voice and presentation skills. Let me know what you think of the interview.