One of the things that I love about living from the heart is the deeper connection it has given me with animals. Our words can lie. Our energy never lies. Like animals, the heart is authentic. Animals respond authentically to the energy of things, because rarely do they speak our words. Without the distraction of verbal communication and mental chatter, they can be free to see things more as they actually are. From this presence and direct relationship, we receive their bottomless unconditional love and forgiveness!

Unless, that is, they feel threatened. In which case animals can balk at the slightest motion, even if it is not an attack. And in this, they are beautiful mirrors from our own hearts, showing us where the antiquated survival strategies in our own animal nervous systems and lower brains have taken us over. Like my cat, who will forgive me in an instant if I accidentally step on his tail or land on him when doing yoga by mistake, but has an absolute war of terror going on with the sound of any innocent plastic bag rustling as groceries are taken from it. There is no question that animals are mirrors of our own consciousness. Like other events in life but perhaps more immediately obvious, animals reflect back to us whether we are at peace, insecure, predatory, aggressive. In some ways, animals are a feedback device like the emWave biofeedback technology, which reflects our heart rhythms in real time, showing us whether we are truly in a state of internal order and happiness or just deluding ourselves in our denial and chronic stress.

Sheva Carr, Fyera