Christmas Poem/Prayer:

At the moment of my birth there was a celebration, too.
The angels sang and God was all I knew.
God was all I remembered – for on earth
as in Heaven we are all one.
To remind us of this God sent us his Son.
Once a year we are reminded of His special birth.
It is a rejoicing that encircles all of the earth.
Gifts are given, hearts open wide, the focus is on good
and we all take pride.
The hope for my daily rebirth is now understood.
A child in a manger, simple and pure –
a symbol of peace and innocence –

that we are all safe from danger, sound and secure. 
To be in God’s presence is the present I truly need. 
In this time of celebration I am freed from my own greed.
I live to give – my gifts I share. 
I do not hide them or disguise them,

nor place them under a tree.
My gifts of love and laughter, kindness and caring
were meant for sharing –

not just once a year or for a select few. 
The gifts I have are unique to me
and I celebrate my own nativity. 

Every birth is planned, every child has a right,
every life is precious, delicate and meant to be. 
On the tree of life every child’s light shines bright for all to see.
 Thank you, God; my own light clears my visibility.
There is a place for each and every one of us
on God’s special tree. 

We glisten and twinkle in colourful harmony. 
We each have our place and together
we light up the world as we claim our space –

next to each other, side by side,
loving and grateful God takes pride

 at the birth of each and every one of His children –
that’s you and me.

Christmas is a celebration of all we are and all we can be.
Thank you God, for this divine festivity. 

Dharlene Marie Fahl
Author/Inspirational Speaker/Tea Specialist
(C) December 2008

Dharlene’s Tea Prayers are also published in the Heart of the Holidays, Heart of a Mother, and Heart of a Woman in Business books by Sheryl Roush.