Seasoned Meetings

Turned up collar,
Extra socks,
Find another station,
(Anything but rock,)
Something cheery,
Maybe with some bells,
And scrub-faced boys
Who smile as voices swell.
Getting in the spirit,
Finding the right mood,
Being very thankful,
You’ve a table full of food.
Cozy robes, warm slippers,
A fragrant twinkling tree,
Greetings full of kisses,
Meeting smiles for you and me.
It’s holding close the knowing
Of the love you feel today,
Let others feel it showing,
As you pass along their way.
It’s keeping Season’s Feelings,
(The Humanity of Man,)
Wrapped in joyful trimmings,
To give all year our plan.

© Reta Lorraine Bowen Taylor
Written Christmas Eve 1986

Reta’s work in also published in the Heart of the Holidays book by Sheryl Roush