Double Book Signing Event at Borders-Long Beach, CA

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Two BORDERS book stores in Long Beach, California are hosting Heart Book Series signing events… on the same day! 

The day before Father’s Day, Borders is hosting not one–but two multi-book, multi-signing events. Unique events, contributors to the 6-title published series will read their original short stories, poems, and tributes, and autograph copies for shoppers.

Saturday, June 19, 2:00-4:00pm
Borders – At the Pike
101 South Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802, 562.491.0558
Located in the new revitalized Pike on Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive. The store is just a few short steps away from the Aquarium of the Pacific and the legendary Queen Mary.

Saturday, June 19, 5:00-7:00pm
Borders – Los Altos Market Center
2110 North Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90815, 562.799.0486

A community based store within one of the littlest big cities in the country.  With a culturally diverse selection to match our clientele and staff, you can find just about anything on our shelves–from the esoteric to the number one item on the bestsellers list. Grab a skinny soy latte in our Seattle’s Best Cafe.

The Heart Book Series, created by Sheryl Roush, features titles available at these signings:

Heart of a Military Woman
Heart of a Woman

Heart of a Woman in Business

Corazon de Mujer
(Heart of a Woman, Spanish)
Heart of the Holidays

Heart of a Mother

Heart of a Mother – with Bonus Music CD

Those contributors published in the series and autographing:
Lanie Adamson
Loni Anderson
Sarah Arnold

Marjorie Benesh
Soraya Dean
Virgina Ellis
Dharlene Marie Fahl

Carol Grabowski
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Karen Hudson
Mary Lenore Quigley
Jack Nichols
Becky Palmer
Serina Roush
Sheryl Roush

Beverly Roush
Consuelo Sanchez
Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D.

Judy Turner
Linda Ulrich
Denise Yamada

POEM: Vegan Thanksgiving

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Vegan Thanksgiving

It’s sacred Thanksgivin’, and all through the house,
Nothing’s overnight baking, not Lamb and not Grouse.
Making plans for the morning, health-conscious are we,
Jotting it down, while sipping White Green Tea.

We’ll start with Wheatgrass – a 2-ounce shot,
Toasting healthy bodies with no meat in the pot.
Most thankful are we as we pause to say grace,
Not getting caught up in the commercial rat race.

Sparkling Pomegranate Juice in a wine glass,
Light up the stove – we’re cookin’ with gas!
Pita chips and hummus are starter pre-meal,
Carrots, Jicama, Bell Peppers – the natural deal.

Fresh garden salad, sunflower seeds and sprouts,
There’s enough for everyone – so no one pouts.
Simmer a pot of Cous Cous, or Basmati Rice,
Baked Butternut Squash would surely be nice.

Raw Sugar Snap Peas, and baked Yummy Yam,
Doing well avoiding Duck, Turkey and Ham.
Brown Rice Bread, Lentil Veggie soup, too.
Wow – without meat and dairy – there’s so much you can do!

Chocolate Tofu Mousse Cake – well-chilled,
With graham cracker crust, I’m not that strong-willed!
Organic Pumpkin Pie – served piping hot.
Maybe Turkey next year?  I think NOT!

By Sheryl Roush
Inspirational Speaker
Author of Heart of the Holidays





Click on title to view each book.
Heart of a Woman (printed)
Heart of a Military Woman (printed) ….. and on Kindle
Heart of a Mother (printed)
Heart of a Mother (printed with Bonus Music CD)
Heart of a Mother …  Music CD
Heart of the Holidays (printed) ….. and on Kindle
Heart of the Holidays … Music CD
Heart of a Woman in Business (printed)

Corazon de Mujer
(printed) (Heart of a Woman in Spanish)

Yuletide Poem: A Time, by Sheryl Roush

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Yuletide Poem: A Time, by Sheryl Roush
Published in Heart of the Holidays, by Sheryl Roush



A time of Celebration
Bringing closure to the old year,
Setting resolutions for a better life,
Making goals for the next year.

A time of Gratitude,
Expressing to those near and dear to us,
A special fondness in our hearts.

A time of Hope,
Hope for a better future.
Hope for deeper meaning on our lives.
Hope for strengthened family ties.

A time of Forgiveness,
Letting by-gones by truly by-gone.
Starting anew with fresh, clean slates.

A time of Peace,
A deeep longing for harmony.
Reunion, collaboration, trust.

A time of Spirit,
Celebrating our soul’s profound wisdom of the ages.
Rekindling our uniqueness and collectiveness
as we are ONE on the planet.

We are the Family of God.

A time of Reconnection,
Being back in touch with those we’ve not seen/heard
from in ages,
and picking back up the conversation
right where we left off.

A time of Hearts,
Bonding for the first time.
Reuniting from separation.
Deepening in trust.
Pure, innocent, Divinely connected.
Connections so deep, it’s beyond words.

A time of Humor,
Laughing over advertises won.
Telling our tales of tribulations.
Seeing the irony of it all.
Sharing stories of our life’s adventures.
Recognizing our common journeys.

A time of Love,
Express candidly.
Sharing more openly to others of our true feelings.
Knowing that we are truly loved.
Not for what we have, or for presents given, or promises made.
Just because.
Unconditional, non-judgmental.
The love that connects us all – one heart to the other.
Our Divine umbilical cord soul to soul.
Heart to Heart.

(C) 2007 Sheryl L. Roush
Author of Heart of the Holidays
Speaker, Author,





Click on title to view each book.
Heart of a Woman (printed)
Heart of a Military Woman (printed) ….. and on Kindle
Heart of a Mother (printed)
Heart of a Mother (printed with Bonus Music CD)
Heart of a Mother …  Music CD
Heart of the Holidays (printed) ….. and on Kindle
Heart of the Holidays … Music CD
Heart of a Woman in Business (printed)

Corazon de Mujer
(printed) (Heart of a Woman in Spanish)


Clinton Daily News Book Review: Heart of the Holidays

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Clinton Daily News Book Review:
Heart of the Holidays

Dee Ann Ray, book review columnist for the Clinton Daily News (Clinton, Oklahoma), reviewed Heart of the Holidays by Sheryl Roush in her Gift Books column on December 8.

Looking for a great gift?

   Heart of
the Holidays, Holiday Inspirations, Yuletide Treasures and Traditions" is a delightful book covering Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Even Scrooge could find enjoyment and peace in preparing for the holiday season in this book.
   It is written by Sheryl Roush who is a top-rated international speaker who offers humor, heart and boosts moral and the human spirit.
   This book is a collection of 67 original stories, 36 poems, 193 quotations and scriptures from 71 contributors.
   Families will enjoy this collection and might create a new holiday tradition be reading the contents together, with half an hour each night shared in enjoying the reading of this book. This book will help revive the readers’ memories and recall similar occasion and experiences.
    It is published by Sparkle Press in San Diego. Toll Free number is 800-932-0973.

Heart of the Holidays is available at,, Borders Stores nationwide.
Heart of the Holidays is also available with a brand new release BONUS MUSIC CD, not in stores, available here, set $19.95.

Click here.

Christmas Poem/Prayer: NATIVI-TEA

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Christmas Poem/Prayer:

At the moment of my birth there was a celebration, too.
The angels sang and God was all I knew.
God was all I remembered – for on earth
as in Heaven we are all one.
To remind us of this God sent us his Son.
Once a year we are reminded of His special birth.
It is a rejoicing that encircles all of the earth.
Gifts are given, hearts open wide, the focus is on good
and we all take pride.
The hope for my daily rebirth is now understood.
A child in a manger, simple and pure –
a symbol of peace and innocence –

that we are all safe from danger, sound and secure. 
To be in God’s presence is the present I truly need. 
In this time of celebration I am freed from my own greed.
I live to give – my gifts I share. 
I do not hide them or disguise them,

nor place them under a tree.
My gifts of love and laughter, kindness and caring
were meant for sharing –

not just once a year or for a select few. 
The gifts I have are unique to me
and I celebrate my own nativity. 

Every birth is planned, every child has a right,
every life is precious, delicate and meant to be. 
On the tree of life every child’s light shines bright for all to see.
 Thank you, God; my own light clears my visibility.
There is a place for each and every one of us
on God’s special tree. 

We glisten and twinkle in colourful harmony. 
We each have our place and together
we light up the world as we claim our space –

next to each other, side by side,
loving and grateful God takes pride

 at the birth of each and every one of His children –
that’s you and me.

Christmas is a celebration of all we are and all we can be.
Thank you God, for this divine festivity. 

Dharlene Marie Fahl
Author/Inspirational Speaker/Tea Specialist
(C) December 2008

Dharlene’s Tea Prayers are also published in the Heart of the Holidays, Heart of a Mother, and Heart of a Woman in Business books by Sheryl Roush.

Poem: A Christmas Commitment

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Poem: A Christmas Commitment

Being happy is our first commitment
It is a huge gift for our loved ones
It is a box full of wonderful surprises
They will delight us through enchantment
Christmas is time for having fun
Enjoy the brightness of the winter sun
When you sometimes are feeling blue
Remember think about God’s route.
New Year’s Eve is a true ending
When we are ready to go back and review
What we have learned through living memories
Which make us stronger for a new beginning
God gives you a chance of surviving
Keep this greatness in your mind
Sharing love, joy and understanding
They are powerful from a new humankind.
By Consuelo Sanchez
December 2008

Consuelo is published in Corazon de Mujer, the inspirational gift book, Heart of a Woman fully translated in Spanish. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

ORDER the Heart of the Holidays Book here.

Sheryl Roush interviewed on Heart of the Holidays Music Release

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Sheryl Roush interviewed
on Heart of the Holidays
CD Release

December 12th inspirational speaker and published author Sheryl Roush was interviewed AGAIN by popular Family Network personality Lorri Allen and veteran newsman Larry Estepa for Mornings!

Ms. Roush was asked to share about the new music CD added to her Heart of the Holidays book, featuring child prodigy pianist at age 16, Laurie Z., 15-time Grammy award nominee consideration artist. The selections, chosen by Janet Cucinotti of Zebra Productions, Inc.,  offers traditional and lively Hanukkah and Christmas songs.

Special treat — Jack Palance, the late actor tells "The Night Before Christmas" with Laurie’s soft music in the background… a CLASSIC.. like you’ve never heard it before! (Curly, from City Slickers, with Billy Crystal.)

Lorri Allen is featured with FOUR of her own stories published in the Heart of the Holidays book!  Copies were given away to callers who phoned in to share their favorite holiday traditions.

"Mornings" is like a chat around the water cooler. It’s a fun, refreshing—but different—way to start the day, equipping listeners with ways to engage friends and co-workers. Informational and inspirational, it’s relationship radio at its best. "Mornings" airs live on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 161 from 6:00-9:00 am ET and on FamilyNet TV from 7:00-9:00 am ET. Check out the Mornings Blog anytime.


Heart of the Holidays (book only) is available at,, and Borders bookstores (find location near you).

Order the Book with Bonus Music CD for $19.95 and receive the Sparkle-Tudes! A-Z Quotations eBook (value $14.95) free.

Sheryl Roush is President of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., based in San Diego, California. She is a top-rated international conference speaker, and 12-time author. In additional to Heart of the Holidays, her other books include: Heart of a Woman, Heart of a Mother, Heart of a Woman in Business, Corazon de Mujer (Heart of a Woman in Spanish), and Sparkle-Tudes!
Heart of a Mother also has a Bonus Music CD available with the book.


Christmas Story: Do You Believe?

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Christmas Story: Do You Believe?

The family attended Christmas Eve service together, bringing my nephew Peter, and niece, Alison, to their first Christian services, since moving from Australia to the US. When the minister invited the small children forward to hear the story of the birth of Christ, little 3-year-old Alison went to the front of the pulpit and attentively listened.

Back to the pews, we stood and sang numerous hymnals, followed by the outdoor candle lighting service and more songs. Driving back to my parents house in a quiet moment Alison broke the silence with her precious Aussie dialect, “Auntie Sheryl, do you believe in Jesus?”  “Yes I do.”  With self-assuredness she replied, “I thought so!” (I silently gasped for air to keep myself from crying deeply at this momentous occasion.)
~Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author, Proud Aunt

Published in Heart of the Holidays, by Sheryl L. Roush.
Order here for autographed gift copies.

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